Monday, July 13, 2015

Pineapple Party {Party Like a Pineapple}

Pineapple Party

So, I had a birthday.
Back in March.
I had some small celebrations with family
and, of course, my TJ kids.

But I wanted to have a Party.
I haven't had a "real" birthday party in several years
and I decided that I wanted one.
Furthermore, I had several other things to celebrate as well:
it had been a very long and cold winter around here
and I'm very excited for the arrival of summer.
Also, 2014 in general
was NOT a good year.
There is literally NOTHING about that year
that I wish to live over again.
So I decided that my birthday party
wouldn't just be a birthday party.
Rather it would be a;
-yay-summer-is-almost-here Party!

And the theme for this party was:
Black, white, and Pineapple.
I called it:
My Pineapple Party

And what a party it was!
It was literally EXACTLY what I wanted it to be.
I flat refused to let the fact that I was basically throwing my own party,
my mother's slow recovery from shoulder surgery,
low attendance numbers due to Mother's Day festivities,
and a wicked bout of food poisoning ruin my fun!

Many of my favorite people were in attendance
and I want to thank every one who helped with and/or attended my party:
It wouldn't have been near 
as awesome without you!
I love you all!

Here are some of my favorite memories of that day...

(1) Miss Ella (with the accompaniment of Aunt Darlene) 
devoting herself to accessorizing the pineapples 
at the Pineapple Dress Up Station...

Mr & Mrs. Pineapple :)

I love this Little Girl!

When she got tired of dressing up the pineapples,
she dressed up Aunt Darlene :).

Can you say, "FABULOUS"???? :)

(2) "Fresh" Mr. Findley flirting with all the girls...

See? The Girls just fall to pieces around him!

(3) The presence of two of my favorite people in the whole wide world...

And to think I thought I had a chance at being the coolest person at the party...

Nope...didn't stand a chance...

(4) Introducing yet more of my family to greatest climbing tree in the world
that just so happens to sit in my front yard...

(5) The general awesomeness of my party guests...

I told you they were awesome!

(6) The A-MA-AZING food and beverages 
my mom and grandparents slaved over and sacrificed for...

Pictured above:
Pineapple Upside-down Cupcakes (top tier)
Scalloped Pineapple (on the left)
Hawaiian Bars (pineapple & coconut) (bottom tier)
Lemon Bars (bottom tier)

Pictured above:
Pineapple Sherbet Punch (on the left)
Golden Punch (on the right)

(7) The Decor
(I was unable to photograph the decor like I wanted to,
so you'll have to settle for using your imaginations
and the above photos and my pre-party Instagram photos 
will work as a guide...)

Anybody who knows me in the slightest,
knows that I adore black and white.
I wear those colors a lot with an accent color...
lately, that accent color has been yellow/gold.
When I was thinking about having a birthday party,
I knew that I wanted to challenge myself concerning the decor.
I have proven countless times over the Christmas holiday
that I have decorating skills, 
but I wanted to see how I would do on non-holiday decor.

After I decided that I wanted a black, white, yellow, and gold party,
I thought, "Well, I really don't want to have a bumble bee party,
so what kind of theme could I attach to those colors?"
My Pineapple Party was born!
I don't know what everyone else thought,
but I loved how everything looked...and smelled! :)
After designing my own invitations,
I had a clearer idea of what I wanted.

I had small, individual card tables 
(donated by my loving friends and family)
 instead of big long tables.
I was hoping this would make the atmosphere 
more "tea party like"...I think it did :).
I put  small, yellow candles on the tables 
accompanied by countless framed pineapple photos, 

 and sunglasses.

I had a lovely chalkboard (donated by Something Old Event Rentals )
that encouraged everyone to "Party like a Pineapple!"
a handcrafted door prize of white chocolate Lindt truffles 
attached to a wine bottle to look like a pineapple,

a hand-painted canvas that broadcasted the true feelings 
of my heart to all my guests:
You're the Pineapple of my Eye!,
and multiple hand-carved pineapples just for the fun of it! :)

I even bought myself a new phone case for the occasion :).

As I stated in the beginning of this post,
my Pineapple Party was EXACTLY what I wanted! :)

Thank you again to everyone who helped and/or attended!
You literally made my day!