Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Traditions #2 {Thankful Every Day of November Photo Project}

Good Morning, Dear Ones! I hope this finds you doing well!

Let me begin this post by apologizing for the quietness on the blog front. You know how crazy it gets around the holidays. But I'm back today with the second post in my Holiday Traditions series :).

As I have mentioned several times in the past, I am an avid Christmas lover. I put my decorations up at the end of November and leave them up until February. During the month of December, I wear a LOT of red and proudly wear artificial holly berries on my knit hat and metal candy canes on my lapel. I begin listening to Christmas Music and start my Christmas shopping in August (sometimes sooner than that). I admit it: I'm kind of a Christmas Fanatic.

But even with all that said, I still make a point to celebrate Thanksgiving as it's own unique holiday. I've taken a look at the world around me and it seems as if Thanksgiving has gotten a little lost in the Christmas hubbub. Once Halloween has passed, stores start decorating for Christmas and promoting Black Friday and Christmas Sales. I know of people who put their Christmas trees up on November 1st. And to that I say, to each his own. But I choose to wait. I live a very blessed life and have 26 years worth of things to be thankful for.

With that in mind, I am proud to introduce my 2nd Holiday Traditions topic:

I know of several people who participate in a project such as this. Some of them simply tell a different person every day why they are thankful for them. Others post similar statements on Facebook each day. And I think that's awesome. I just like to take it a step further and add photos to the mix. I'm sure this doesn't surprise you...I don't call myself a Pathological Picture-Taker for nothing! :) The following photos are accompanied by the original text I posted every day in November. Enjoy!

November 1st:
Today I'm thankful for the simple things in life:
Stacks of Cookbooks with pages filled
to the brim with Scrumptiousness!

November 2nd:
Today I'm thankful for fellowship with my friends and family.
Whether it be over a meal
or worshiping together in the House of God.

November 3rd:

Today I'm thankful for the little things in life...
like bright Christmas lights,
 stacks of firewood for a fire on a cold winter's night,
and Starbucks Red cups which initiate the beginning of the Christmas Season.

November 4th:

Today I'm thankful for the ability to order library books online.
It's so easy and convenient to walk into the library,
go straight to the "Hold" Shelf,
pick up my requested books,
and check out without being distracted
by the millions of books lining the other shelves!
(Ok, fine...I still get distracted...)

November 5th:

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a person of influence
in the lives of the POP Kids!
I don't take that privilege lightly.

November 6th:

Today I'm thankful for Windy Days.
First, they allow me to take photos like this...
but also the Wind brings Change....
Change might not always be fun,
but it is necessary for life.

November 7th:

Today I'm thankful for bonfires
and the chance to fellowship with friends and family!

November 8th:

Today I'm thankful for small, seemingly insignificant traditions.
They bring realness to my life.

November 9th:

Today I'm thankful for the Magic of Reading.
You can go Anywhere and be Anything
in the pages of a book.

November 10th:

Today I'm thankful for the Continuity of Life.
It goes on no matter what comes my way...
even when I don't necessarily want it to,
it goes on.

November 11th:

Today I'm thankful for shelter and warmth
from this frigid autumn weather!

November 12th:

Today I'm thankful for my job.
Is it perfect? Am I always jumping out of bed eager to greet the day?
No...but I have job security and a reason to get up in the morning.
Not to mention great people to work with like this girl
and sweet kiddos to watch over.
Oh yeah, and the Y owns a popcorn machine...:)

November 13th:

Today I'm thankful for the snow.
This is my favorite time of year.
It is magical and the snow just adds to that :).
And I LOVE it! :)

November 14th:

Today I am BEYOND thankful for Buy One Get One Free at Starbucks!
Sufficed to say, I needed both of them...

November 15th:

Today I'm thankful for all the seasons life brings.
Life would be very emotionally taxing and boring
if nothing ever changed.

November 16th:

Today I'm thankful for yummy, homemade soup on a sick day...
compliments of my Mama!

November 17th:

Today I'm thankful for family near and far!
I'm am so blessed to have you in my life!
I love you all!

November 18th:

Today I'm thankful for early Christmas Presents!
With this extremely frigid weather we're having,
(Georgis couldn't figure out why I was taking a photo in the mirror...)

November 19th:

Today I'm thankful for a fixed computer screen!
You have no idea how difficult it is to edit photos with a cracked screen!

November 20th:

Today I'm thankful for the Living Word of God
that never fails to set me back on the path of righteousness.

November 21st:

Today I'm thankful for Baby Cuddles.
Nothing makes me feel better faster than baby time!

November 22nd:

Today I'm thankful for a Pastor who's main life goal is to follow God
and therefore lead the church in the right direction.

November 23rd:

Today I'm thankful for friends that can be family
and family that can be friends.

November 24th:

Today I'm thankful for the Blood of Jesus
which washes me whiter than snow!

November 25th:

Today I'm thankful my job allows me to lead prayer in public schools!

November 26th:

Today I'm thankful for everyone who has supported in the past
and still continues to support my photography ambition.

November 27th:

Today I'm thankful for this day...
a day set aside to be grateful in all things.

November 28th:

Today I'm thankful for my Pinterest friends
who inspire me with new Christmas Decorating ideas.

November 29th:

Today I'm thankful for the talents and abilities the Lord has blessed me with.

November 30th:

Today I'm thankful for all my kiddos!
They make me smile even when I'm sad
and remind me to live in the moment.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you have a Thankful Project that you participate in over the month of November? I would love to hear about it!

I hope you as much fun reading this post as I had writing it! And I hope you will come back again soon! Thank you so much for visiting today!

Merry Christmas!