Friday, May 30, 2014

Book Review {All Our Yesterdays}

Good Morning, Fellow Book-Lovers!
I have yet another book review for you! :)
I hope you're not getting tired of them!

I just finished All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill,

and can I just say, "I cannot wait to read it again!"
Honestly I had a little bit of a hard time getting into it,
but once I did, I could barely put it down
( must be an anti-gravity book...
LOL...sorry I just heard that one from a cousin on FB
and HAD to pass it along!)
Anyway, this book is a definite read and RE-read!
Already purchased it from Amazon!

I'm going to be honest, the book is a little Sci-Fi.
There is time-travel LOTS!
And, due to this fact, the narrative kind of jumps around
and at times was a little hard to follow
(like I said, a definite RE-Read!
I need to see what I missed the first time!).

Let me give you a brief summary:
Marina is a teenage girl caught up in drama
like every other High School girl in the world.
She's a bit more awkward than her flirtatious friends
and is struggling with how to tell her crush, James,
(who just happens to be her brilliant best friend who lives next door)
how she truly feels about him.
Her attempts seem to be foiled at every turn
usually by James' annoying friend, Finn,
who frankly drives Marina crazy.
James' genius has taken him far in life
and he has begun to do some important work in the field of time travel
with a renowned scientist.
But James' obsession with the project
has his family and friends concerned.
Then we have Em
who is locked in a tiny prison cell with Finn held captive in the next cell
(yes, its the same Finn).
Em's cell has a terrorizing drain in the floor.
The purpose for this drain escapes Em
and leaves her obsessing over the atrocities
that would require the use of a drain.
Em decides she must know the secret of the drain,
and pries it open to discover a note
that her future self has written to her.
The note tells her that she must kill him
(initially, the reader has no idea who "him" is,
so I'm not going to spoil the surprise now!)
if she is going to save mankind from his horrendous deeds.
Thus entails a long, harrowing chase through time
with Finn as her faithful companion
and The Doctor as the villain.

I will warn you...there's a couple of big plot twists
that frankly, I DID NOT see coming!
And the ending was a pretty big surprise too!
Humor plays a large part in this book,
and, in my opinion, is very necessary
to keep the reader in a light mood
after all the dark violence and despair.

I hope you enjoy reading this novel
as much as I did!
If you found this review helpful,
please be so kind as to let me know! :)

Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend!