I Live a Roller-Coaster Life

When I created this blog,
I created it because I wanted a place to share my story.
And I thought that maybe, just maybe,
my story could encourage someone else.

It all started with THE THOUGHT
I'm a wordy person. I'm a writer. And have been for a very long time.
I've kept journals since I was a child. 
And greatly enjoyed my high school and college English classes.
In high school, I also did a lot of writing "just for the fun of it". 
That came to a screeching halt in college due to my INSANE schedule.
However, now that school is done 
(at least for the time being...that's another story for another time),
I've had a nagging thought in my head to start blogging.
However, I was ALWAYS able to talk myself out of it by asking, 
"What would I write about? I don't know anything!"
But then one of my dear friends started a blog to simply tell the story of her and husband.
Her blog, A Marines Love has moved me more than I can express.
And it has inspired me and given me the courage
to tell my story on my own blog.

The moment I decided to start a blog, I knew what the name of it should be.
No debating for days on end.
No arguing with myself or seeking opinions from others.
I just knew.
And "It's a Roller-Coaster Life" was born.
I realize this is not a terribly original title.
There are other blogs out there with the exact same name.
But it fits.
It fits my life.
And it fits ME.
I chose this photo on purpose...this is me...the REAL me. 
As I said before, I'm a writer.
Always have been and probably always will be.
And...I have a story to tell.
My story...about my Roller-Coaster Life.
The very first blog post I wrote is about stories and how we all have them.
The purpose of my blog is to have a space where I can tell  MY story.
In my own way.
With my own voice.

I'm glad you asked.
The reason I was so settled on the title "It's a Roller-Coaster Life"
is because it PERFECTLY describes my life.
For one thing, my life seems to be flying past at break-neck speed...
kind of like a Roller-Coaster.
My life has consisted (and still does consist)
of many sharp twists and turns
that I didn't (and don't) see coming my way...
kind of like a Roller-Coaster.
I've experienced many great joys in my life
that made me feel like I was flying...
kind of like a Roller-Coaster.
I've also lived through and learned from
some very deep sorrows and tragic circumstances
that made me feel like my stomach had dropped to my feet...
kind of like a Roller-Coaster.
Occasionally, my life seems to slow way down
and nothing much seems to happen
like I'm waiting for the ride to begin...
kind of like a Roller-Coaster.
And, I've had moments where it felt like
my life had come to a screeching halt...
kind of like a Roller-Coaster.

Again, I'm glad you asked.
Referring back again to my first blog post,
I believe we all have stories to tell
and I think we all NEED to share them.
Whether the purpose of the sharing
is to help others or to help ourselves,
I truly believe our stories need to be told.
This is my attempt at sharing mine.

In the future, I want to expound
on the ups and downs of everyday life
and the unexpected twists and turns of the Roller-Coaster.
I'm not going to lie to you:
this is going to be a difficult journey for me.
I'm not used to sharing "My Story" with people.
But I'm convinced it's something I need to do.
For ME.