Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's Summertime!

Good Evening!
I realize that according to the calendar,
Summer doesn't OFFICIALLY begin until June 21st.
 But for me, it began last Monday (June 3rd):

Overall, it was a GREAT week!
100% CRAZY! But in a good way...:)
On Tuesday, we took the kiddos to Fon Du Lac Farm Park.
It was crowded and the sun was hot and bright
(I got joke...),
but a good time was had by all!
The old school house at the Farm Park
On Wednesday, we had a special speaker from Familia Dental 
come and talk to us about the importance of good dental hygiene
(I know, not the most exciting presentation for kids to have to sit through,
but like I said, it's important...)
Our speaker actually did a great job keeping the kiddos' attention
and was rewarded with the smiles of many happy campers
(pun intended...) when she passed out the goodie bags.

On Thursday, we took the kiddos on a hike on the trails of Forest Park Nature Center.
I had never been there but had heard great things about it.
This is NOT a commercial, but it is a great place to take kids to learn about nature.
I know everyone is sick of all the rain we have been having
(myself included) but it has made everything so LUSH 
and FULL that I can't complain about it.
"Not all who wander are lost..."
Our tour guide knew her STUFF!!!!
And she was great with the kids!
We sang "Know, Know, Know Your Oaks"
(the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat),
we played "Mother Nature Says",
smelled some wild mint,
and, of course, got to see some pretty cool animals in their natural habitat.
(including a wild turkey which kinda blew my mind...).

On Friday, we had the children color small pictures with the YMCA's address listed
and placed them in helium-filled balloons and let them go.
The kids participated MARVELOUSLY
and I was granted some GREAT photo opportunities!

All in all, it was a great week
and, being the pathological picture taker that I am,
I beyond excited at all the great shots I was able to snap.
Check them out!
Silly Camp Counselors!

Miss Deana, our bus driver! :)

Underdog time!

Popcorn Painting

LOVE their creativity!
Sidewalk Chalk Time! :)

I ADORE love notes from the mamas in the lunchboxes!!!!
The boss lady filling up the balloons! :)

A Message in the Balloon :)

Oops...stuck in the tree

One of the balloons popped and the message got stuck...I had to jump to get it down!
Watching the balloons soar off...this is my favorite photo of the week! <3
Camp is ALL about new friends!

Mr Sam teaching the kids what NOT to do! ;)

In the meadow...<3
Thank you for reading and viewing!
I hope you enjoyed last week as much as I did!
I would love to hear how you spent your week!