Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five-O #42 {Pajamas, Trees, & Music}

Good Morning, Friends & Family!
I hope this finds you doing well!

This week, as usual, has been crazy.
We've been implementing some new training at work
and, of course, it's been a bit of an adjustment.

But in general, it wasn't a bad week.
Some really nice things happened
that I'm excited to tell you about on today's:

Last Friday was 4H Day at TJ.
Now, I used to hate 4H...
it just kind of interrupted our flow
and we could never remember what day it was scheduled to happen.
And, to be honest, the food wasn't always that great...
But now, I am happy to report that that has all changed!
We LOVE our 4H lady, Lisa,
and the food lately has been AMAZING!
Last Friday, we made chicken and rice soup
and it was SCRUMPTIOUS!

Considering I hadn't had much for lunch that day,
it was the perfect snack for me! :)

Sunday, I desperately wanted to wear my pajamas to church (as usual).
But, of course, I didn't.
I did, however, take a photo of them
as part of my January Photo Challenge :).

Yes, NLCA Students, Teachers, and Alumni, I still proudly wear my sweatshirt! :)

Tuesday, we got some bad news about my Uncle David.

He has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.
He is to begin aggressive chemotherapy treatments soon.
Due to his weakened condition,
without a miracle from God, he is not expected to survive
the third week of treatments.
But my Jesus is a Healer and He knows what is best for our family.
Please keep the Kinney Family in your prayers.

Wednesday, I made a visit to my home away from home...
the Peoria Public Library - Lakeview Branch.
One of the things I LOVE about this location is
the beautiful woodsy setting.
I've taken numerous nature-y photos there
as well as an official photo shoot.
My photo challenge for Wednesday was:
The Great Outdoors.
I immediately thought of this library location.
And this is what I captured!

I have to admit,
I'm pretty sanctified proud of that shot :).

Thursday night at choir practice was...a big night to say the least.
We had new choir members in attendance,
we continued working on some new music,
and Pastor Grant started a Music Appreciation Fan Club:

Okay, it was nothing as "official" as that,
but he did have those kids wrapped around his finger! :)

How was you week?
Do you have to force yourself to wear clothing other than your pjs?
Do you find trees to be as fascinating as I do?
Do your kids love music?

I would love to hear your stories!

Thank you so much for visiting today!
I hope you come back soon!