Thursday, March 21, 2013

Instagram Diary - 25th Birthday!

Good Afternoon!

I celebrated by 25th birthday earlier this week and just wanted to share some of the fun moments of the day with you!


Even though it was a PRETTY SIGNIFICANT day, I still had to work...however, my darling little children did their best to the mood festive!
Two of my kiddies brought me a balloon...along with chocolate and a McDonald's gift card...I feel loved! :)

I had brought my laptop to work with me and was jumping online to look up some fun, springy crafts for the kiddos to do in the next couple of weeks when I noticed the Google logo seemed to be extra festive! :)
Look! Even Google is celebrating my birthday! :) (you can't really tell...but that is the Google logo)

Some of you may be aware of this, but I'm sure it will be news to at least a few of you...I have worked a split shift for the Greater Peoria Family YMCA for a number of years now, and to be honest, I LOVE it!!!! It works great with my daily life (plus, I get a nap in the middle of the day a few times a AWESOME is that!?!?!?!?) Anyway, the day of my birthday, I got to leave early from my first shift, so the Momster took me out to Cracker Barrel for Birthday Brunch :).
Had a WONDERFUL made-to-order omelet and hash browns :)

I had a pretty small "Wish List" for my birthday this year, I requested cold, hard cash from all of my friends and family, except for my beloved Sister. I told her I wanted a "Country Music Birthday", so she purchased a couple of great cds for me (Thompson Square and Hunter Hayes <3). She also blessed me with a new purse...what can I say? She knows me! :) From the Lord, I requested a beautiful day with 60 degree weather...let's just say, He came through with 1/2 of the was GORGEOUS day with bright sunshine, but it was only 28 degrees and windy...SSSSOOOO, the Momster and I celebrated with a fire in our fireplace! :)
It was warm and toasty INSIDE even if it was blustery and frigid OUTSIDE!

While we were enjoying the warmth of the fire, the Momster brought out THE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! Generally, I am NOT a chocoholic and prefer white cake over chocolate, but for some odd reason, when she asked what kind of cake I wanted for my special day, I informed the Momster that I wanted a "Better Than ___" cake (I'm attempting to keep this blog "PG" rated).
It was just as FABULOUS as I had hoped it would be...The Momster is an EXPERT BAKER!!!!
Unfortunately, even though my Momster did a BANG UP job on the cake, I was unable to share any of it with my babies (school rules do not permit homemade treats). I still wanted them to have "birthday cake" with me, so I compromised and bought them my favorite snack cakes...ZEBRA CAKES! :)
Needless to say, the Zebra Cakes were a HUGE HIT!!!! No leftovers :)
One of my favorite parts about working with children, is how precious they can be. When my kids found out my birthday was coming, they SHOWERED me with drawings!
This particular artist must have been feeling a bit shy. She left this for me on my desk rather than giving it to me in person.
 The day wrapped up with me spending time with my favorite cousins and the youth group from church (my cousins are the Youth Leaders). Unfortunately, I didn't capture a photo due to my arms being full with my cousins' youngest bundle of joy, Little Miss Myah :). All in all, I had a very nice birthday.

I enjoyed sharing it with you!

Love, Sarah D.