Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Very HOPPY Easter: A Weekend FULL of Photos

Happy Thursday!

I hope you are having a good week thus far! If you aren't, keep your chin up, TOMORROW'S FRIDAY! :) It has been quite a week for me! My boss has been out of town, so I've been in charge at work and it's kept me running to say the least! And, I'm exhausted! Regardless, I wanted to share the events of my Easter Holiday Weekend with you. It was a weekend FULL OF PHOTOGRAPHY (which, of course, is FINE by me!). Anyway, let's start at the beginning...

Good Friday - AM
          I got to sleep in (which was LONG overdue and completely WONDERFUL!). Then, I set about the task of putting winter clothing and boots away for the Spring and Summer months and getting out cooler clothing and sandals. This was no small chore, but it was accomplished without mishap.
Goodbye, Lovelies! I miss you already!
Good Friday - PM
          Friday afternoon and evening were spent at my dear cousins' home. Their youngest foster child, the adorable Miss Myah, had had an esophageal hernia repaired earlier in the week and completely worn her mommy to a frazzle. In the spirit of family, my mother and I, along with my Aunt Carol, took dinner over to the exhausted Mama Amber. We also picked up Easter baskets for the babies (let's just say, those kiddos did NOT go wanting this Easter!!!!) We were a little disappointed when we arrived at Steve and Amber's home and realized that the oldest two kids, Tiara and Dustin, had not had a very good day and were therefore being denied sweets in consequence for their incorrect choices. However, we conceded that "Mommy knows best" and simply saved the baskets for another time. As for Miss Myah, she was still sore from her surgery, but in a pretty good mood! Just look at her!
I am SSSSOOOO IN LOVE with this little girl! She's our Funny, Honey Bunny! ;)

Even though Tiara and Dustin were denied Easter baskets, they did get some cuddle time with Grandma (or Mawmaw Carol, as they call her).

Saturday - AM
          Saturday morning, after getting to sleep in again (YAY!!!!), was spent working on my Oatmeal-Carton-turned-Headband-Holder Tutorial.

                              See my blog archive for the full tutorial :).

Saturday - PM
          Saturday afternoon was spent doing my first Maternity Shoot (Pics to come later...the Mommy-to-be has requested that they remain private for the time being. She plans to unveil the photos at her Baby Shower in a few weeks.) I was more than a little nervous about this, but beyond excited at the same time. I had done my "homework" and searched Pinterest and several photography websites for poses and prop ideas. I am currently still editing these pictures, but I am generally pleased with how they have turned out thus far! (The Mommy-to-be is pleased as well which makes for a doubly pleased photographer!)
The Mommy-to-be graciously gave me permission to post this photo of her...isn't she LOVELY?!?! I would DEFINITELY say she has a GLOW about her! :)
Easter Sunday
          Sunday mornings are ALWAYS a mad rush at my house and this Holiday Sunday was no exception! I had a full list of people of who wanted me to photograph them in their Easter Finery and pretty much started the moment I got to church. I started with some "First Easter" shots of my precious little buddy, Xander (another set of cousins' youngest foster child). He wasn't in a very smiley mood, but I'm please with the photos anyway!

It was at the conclusion of service that the REAL work began! (When I say "work" I do NOT wish to imply that any of this was a burden...quite the contrary actually! I rather enjoyed myself!) I began with these two handsome guys, my cousins (Father and Son), Brandon and Colton. Needless to say, they were a riot to work with!

Then, we threw some more cousins into the mix! CRAZY COUSINS, Nick, Colton, and Nolan!!!!

Next up was my Beloved Adopted Grandparents, Gene and Linda Smith, and their beautiful Granddaughter, Amie, and her precious daughters, Faith and Ella.

Next, we brought in the other side of Colton's family, his lovely mom, Nicole and her husband Ralph, and Colton's younger siblings, Olivia and Dakota :).

Last, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, the Kinney's!


Happy First Easter, Myah!!!!

Whew! Sorry for the long post, but like I said, I wanted share my "Weekend FULL of Photos"! Thanks for viewing. Please comment/critique!

Love, Sarah D.