Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celebrating God in Simple Beauty


Life on the Roller-Coaster has been crazy as usual this week.
The prospect of a new job has come up
and while I welcome the transition
it will still be a change and change for me is not easy.
This has been a stressful week for me emotionally.
My uncle is ill and my mother is planning a trip to Arizona 
in a few weeks to help care for him.
My sister needed me for some sister-bonding time.
One of my babies at Concordia Lutheran School needed a mother figure.
And I've been working through some of my own junk as well.

A week like this flat out exhausts me.
And when I'm tired, I get cranky and ungrateful 
and I start throwing pity parties.
I forget all the blessings in my life 
and instead focus on what I don't have.

This isn't anything new.
I've struggled with these issues my entire life.
But now I'm at a place that I realize my attitude is wrong
 and I need to do something about it.

Awhile back, I was playing around on Pinterest
and I stumbled across some LOVELY photographs of home decor.
I followed the Pinterest link to the photographer's website...
and found a Jewel of Great Price: Skies of Parchment
a WONDERFUL blog that inspires and challenges the reader to 
"celebrate God in simply beauty". 
To say the least, 
this charming blog and it's AMAZING author, Clarita, 
have, for me anyway, fulfilled their mission!

In response to Clarita's challenge,
I would like to announce a new "attraction
that I am adding to my blog called, 
"A Tree for the Week: Lessons from His Creation".
Anyone who knows me
knows I "have a thing" for trees. 
I think they are beautiful. 
And I think they are perfect examples of 
"Celebrating God in Simple Beauty".

This week's tree can be found on the property of my workplace:
The Greater Peoria Family YMCA.
The YMCA is located off Willow Knolls Road. 
I doubt it is a coincidence that there are several 
Weeping Willow Trees around and on the YMCA property.

As I previously stated, I "have a thing" for trees.
But I've always had a special appreciation for Weeping Willows.
The branches of a Willow Tree are flexible.
The adage
"Blessed are the flexible,
for they shall not be bent out of shape"
comes to mind.
The branches of a Willow Tree are strong.
They are easily tossed about in the wind,
but hard to break off from the trunk.
Reminds of me the parable of the wise man who built his house upon the rock.
When the raging wind and rain sprang up,
NOTHING moved that house:
for it was FIXED to the rock.
Something new that I noticed about Willow Trees this year
is that they start showing new growth before other trees.
As you can see in the photos,
none of the other trees are turning green yet.
This inspires me to stay sensitive to God
so that I am ready to receive His instruction and direction
WHENEVER He chooses to give it to me.

Lord, thanks for the Lessons.

And thank YOU for reading! Please comment/critique!