Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Tree for the Week: Lessons from His Creation


 A Tree for the Week: Lessons from His Creation

This week's tree is a LOVELY white cherry blossom tree...I think :). 
(I googled white cherry blossom trees 
and this one LOOKS like those photos 
so I'm assuming that's what it is...If I'm wrong and you know it, 
please feel free to let me know.)

I found this example of simple beauty down on the banks of the Illinois River. 
 According to Wikipedia, there are over 200 different kinds of cherry blossom trees.
Each with its own character traits and appearance, 
but all LOVELY and ELEGANT in their own way.

Kinda makes think about the vast variety of individuals that make up the Human Race.
None of us are exactly alike.
And that's a good thing.
We all have unique gifts and aspects of character
that enable us to contribute to the world around us in ways that no one else could.
We each have the ability to brighten up the world
We don't have to accomplish some great feat
to brighten up the world around us.
Sometimes a SMILE or a kind word is enough to make someone's day.
Just be who you are. 
Do what you do.
With a SMILE.
You will bring a little sunshine and beauty to someone's life.
Kinda like a cherry blossom tree :).