Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blessed are the Flexible...{It's Fall, Ya'll!!!!}

Good Afternoon, Everyone!
No, I'm not dead...just crazy busy...
as in like more than usual.
Seriously, the last two weeks,
this Roller-Coaster Life has been ABSOLUTELY NUTS!

I actually started a post depicting every crazy thing that occurred
but it was FRIGHTFULLY long and frankly,
I was beginning to bore myself.
So, let it be sufficient when I say,

During times of Roller-Coaster Craziness,
I find myself becoming irritable and easily frustrated at the littlest things.
It probably has SOMETHING to do with my lack of sleep
and my feelings of general overwhelmedness
(I made up another new word, didn't I?...).
I get particularly feisty when my detailed schedule gets changed without warning.
Sufficed to say, this has happened NUMEROUS times in the last two weeks
and I found myself stressing out more than I should have about it. 

That's when I was reminded of a poster that used to hang
in my High School Learning Center.
"Blessed are the Flexible...for they shall not be Bent Out of Shape."
Good advice. Haven't quite got that down yet...
but I'm working on it! :)

It is not the Will of God that we live frantic, stressed-to-the-max lives.
He doesn't get much glory from grumpy, overworked, and burned-out Christians.
When we are faced with an overwhelming schedule, we should:
(1) Pray for His help with the tasks at hand,
(2) Pray that His Peace will be with us as we complete the tasks,
(we already have the promise in His Word that He gives us peace {John 14:27})

Also, God has a plan in the midst of our stressful times.
He uses everyday trials and happenings
to mold us into the people He wants us to be.
Remember God is constantly on the look out for willing vessels.
Once we submit ourselves to Him,
we give Him permission to mold and fashion after His likeness
which can be quite a painful process.
But don't fret, Beloved, He knows what He's doing.
After all, He's the Master Potter
and we are but clay in His most capable and caring Hands. :)
(Isaiah 45:9)
When I attended High School at NLCA,
we had weekly "Goal Cards" in our offices that helped us
plan and prioritize for the week and days ahead.
I can't tell you how much I wish I could get my hands on some of those goal cards!
I finally broke down and purchased a new planner the other day,
but it's not quite the same.

What tips do you have on prioritizing?
How do you keep from getting overwhelmed by your personal Roller-Coaster Life?

 In spite of the insanity of the Roller-Coaster,
I still found a few moments to get out and enjoy
(enjoying the gloriousness of God's Creation is HIGH on my priority list!!!!)
I've said numerous times before that Fall is my favorite season
I wanted to make sure that I got some beautiful photos of it this year.


Also, I submerged myself in yet more Autumn Craftiness :).

This was my gift to my boss for Bosses' Day.
(And, no, I was not referring to her as a witch...
Halloween is simply one of her favorite times of the year
and I thought the idea was adorable!)

What autumn crafts have you made this year?
I would love to see them!

Lastly, Autumn has come to my room!
I had some inspiration from several different blogs I follow
and I wanted to see what kind of fall spin I could put on them. :)

How do you dress your home up with Autumn Festiveness?

It's Fall, Ya'll!!!! :)