Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Monster Mash!!!! {and Other Autumn Crafts for Kids} I explained in my post yesterday,
this Roller-Coaster Life has been CRAZIER than usual lately.
That being said, I am behind on sharing Kiddy Crafts with you.
This post is my attempt to get caught up :).

Ssssoooo...over the last month,
the darling little children and I 
have been doing some ADORABLE fall/Halloween crafts.
All Pinterest inspired, OF COURSE!!!! :)
First off, we have Toilet Paper Roll Monsters.
Take a look!

Like what you see? Make your own! 
They are SUPER easy 
and the kiddos got to throw in their own variety of creativity!

What You Will Need:
Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
Brightly Colored Construction Paper
Crayons/Markers/Colores Pencils
Google Eyes

Wrap the empty toilet paper rolls 
in construction paper of the child's choice. 
Glue in place. 
Add googly eyes and scraps of paper to create facial features. 
Glue on yarn for hair and you've got a MONSTER! :) 
I love this different styles of Monsters my kiddos came up with!

Lately we've also made some ADORABLE bushels of apples 
in celebration of Johnny Appleseed's birthday. 
What do you think? :)

We have also made some DARLING little acorns!
This project is similar to the "'Owl' Always Love You" Grandparent's Day Card
we made last month. You can find a link to that project here.

Furthermore, in an attempt to capture the brightness of summer
before the dreariness of winter sets in,
we made some Sunny Sunflowers.

Tell me what you think of our Festival Fall Craftiness!
What projects have you been working on?

Thank you for viewing!
Keep checking in!
There is LOTS going on in the Roller-Coaster Life!