Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spooky Fun with the Kiddos! {Just in Time for Halloween!}

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

Anyone who knows me,
knows that I'm not really that into Halloween.
But Halloween, not so much.
No particular reason, 
it just doesn't get to me.
Even when I was a kid
dressing up for Halloween just wasn't my thing.

However, working with children,
I have found that I am the Odd Man Out on this.
Most "normal" people are ALL ABOUT HALLOWEEN.
So what is a "cool" Y-Achievement Educator to do?
Join in the fun!
And let me just tell you,
we had some Spooky, MESSY, Creative Fun yesterday! :)
We made "Handprint Spiders"!

Take a look!

I thought they turned out SUPER CUTE!
Now, let me just say...
my LEAST favorite thing about powder paint
is that it is, well, powdery...

I was carrying a cup of the black paint WITHOUT WATER added
and had just said to the children,
"Everybody watch out! I'm carrying paint and I don't want to spill it."
I was headed to the table to take off my WHITE scarf
(Seriously, Sarah D? You work with children and you wore a white scarf?
THAT'S just ASKING for trouble!
I know, I know!)
Just then, an adorable Kindergartener rushed right in front of me
and bumped the cup of black powder paint 
with her flying pigtails. 
You know what happened...
Black powder paint on my white scarf! UGH!

*Sigh* What can I say?
It's just another bumpy ride on this Roller-Coaster Life!
But I'm hoping against hope that the paint will come out...
I love that scarf...*little tear*.
On the upside, I think my black eye from surgery last week
is FINALLY clearing up! :)

Aaaannnndddd, my precious Star, Xander, turned ONE this week!
I absolutely cannot believe it!
It has gone by so fast!

In other news, 
I drove to the YMCA from Thomas Jefferson 
IN THE SNOW this morning...

Can I just say...
I love snow as much as the next girl,

October is meant for gorgeous leaves and crisp blue skies
and hoodies and frosty mornings 
and pumpkin spice lattes
and bonfires...

Okay, I had my rant...
Speaking of GORGEOUS LEAVES...
look what me and the kiddos did with some 

 Well, technically, I made them...
the kids just helped me come up with ideas.
Hence the "Uncle Grandpa" one...
Yeah, I didn't trust the children with my new METALLIC SHARPIES...

Can you tell I really like the "Hello, October" one? :)

Also, I wish my birthday was in the fall!
I would TOTALLY LOVE and ACCEPT a birthday leaf
in lei of a birthday card! :)

What Festive Fall and Spooky Halloween Crafts are you doing with your kids?