Monday, October 21, 2013

LOVE...{Makes a Family}

Good Monday Morning, Dear Ones!
I hope this finds you doing well.
Personally, the weekend went WAY TOO FAST for me.
and I'm already looking forward to going to bed tonight.
BUT...I wanted to share something with you all first.

You all remember, Candace?

From her guest post earlier this year called "A Mother's Love"?
She told an AMAZING story of Love and Acceptance
that brought an unmatched number of readers to this Roller-Coaster Life.
She has a MARVELOUS way with words
and a heart the size of Texas!
(Ask's a FACT!)

In that post, I followed up her story by letting you all know
what was coming for the DePinto Family:
the return of Xander.

 to his biological mother.
In that post, I shared that this would occur on Oct 1, 2013.
That date, of course, has passed and, for the moment,
Xander is still with us
(due to some delay that I do not know all the details of).

However, we have receive news that this coming weekend,
Oct. 26-27, will be Xander's last days with us.
He returns to his biological mother
full-time on Monday, Oct 28th.

Naturally, this has, once again, caused rolling emotions in all of us,
but none more than Mommy Candace.
But she wants the world to know,
she may be an emotional wreck right now
and, yes, she is hurting at the moment,
but she trusts her God!
In spite of the fact that she could potentially be
 losing her baby...
she trusts God with that baby!

The one she has cared for, in sickness and in health,
since practically the first day of his life.
My words are not sufficient to express the sadness
that Mommy Candace is living with right now.
But that's the point...
she's living with it. She's dealing with it.
She's trusting God and His Ways through it.

Xander's Departure is NOT the only thing
the DePinto Family is dealing with at this time...

Oct. 7, 2013 was a VERY BRIGHT DAY in their lives.
You see, they are potentially losing one child,

but they're getting to keep another one...FOREVER.

OCTOBER 7, 2013,
Mr. Ruben received a new last name.
That's right! Mr. Ruben was ADOPTED

and no one can take him from us! :)
I was privileged to be the photographer for this WONDEFUL EVENT
and will be sharing those photos at a later time.

For now though, I wanted to share some new photos of this Beautiful Family.

So please enjoy these photos that I was HONORED to take!
These photos are proof that LOVE Makes a Family
not just blood :).

The Family that Plays together...Stays together! <3

Prayers for Candace and the entire DePinto Family
would be appreciated during this difficult time.
Words of encouragement are welcomed here
and on It's a Roller-Coaster Life's Facebook Page.

Thank you all for your prayers and compassion.
And, of course, thank you for stopping by!
I always appreciate your presence
in this Roller-Coaster Life! :)