Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Thankful Heart...{is a Happy Heart}

Happy November!
(Yes, I am an AVID viewer of Veggie Tales
and 'A Thankful Heart' is one of my favorite songs they've recorded)
I would have to say that this is DEFINITELY 
one of my favorite months of the year.
We all know what a Lover of Autumn I am,
but I am also in love with the Thanksgiving Season.

There is always so much going on!
People are beginning to prepare for Christmas,
and there seems to be bits of cheer riding on the wind.
Now, that being said, 
November is a VERY BUSY time for me.

I am the Director of the Children's Christmas Program
at my church, the Pentecostals of Peoria,
and am also assisting with the Youth Dramas
in addition to singing with the choir and Ladies' Ensemble.

All of this on top of my normal routuine 
of working full-time, 
taking online classes,
doing Photography Shoots,
and generally running around like a crazy person.

However, I always try to take a break
to ENJOY the season a bit too.
And that includes making sure my home/room 
is festively decorated. 
I was a little behind getting all my fall decor out
and ended up FINALLY getting it finished Halloween Night.
Personally, I love it and wish it could be autumn year round :).
What do you think?

Also, we have officially begun Thanksgiving Crafts at TJ
YAY!!!! :)
The first one was "Assorted Bean Hand-print Turkeys".
We started by tracing the kids' hands 
on whatever color construction paper they wanted.
After cutting it out, we glued the hand to a large paper plate

(This was more for support than anything else...
those beans are HEAVY!)
We glued a Googly Eye on the thumb.
Then we started gluing on the beans.
I had the kids choose a certain type of bean 
for the palm of the hand
and then different varieties for each of the fingers.

Finally, we added beaks and gobbles to the thumb

and wrote the words, "Turkey Day is Coming" 
and the year on the plate.
And VOILA! :)

What crafts are you planning for the Thanksgiving Season?
I love getting new ideas!

Finally, I don't want to forget
the most important aspect of the Season:
Being Thankful.
Everyday, All day, no matter what.
Not always the easiest thing to be, I know.
But VeggieTales had it right.
A Thankful Heart truly is a Happy Heart.
I can't tell you how many times I've been down in the dumps 
about my lot in life.
And started counting my blessings
and in no time at all,
my frown got turned upside down!
Pardon me a moment while I count them again.

"Counting My Blessings"
By: Sarah Dahl

I'm not rich, but I have enough.
And anyway, life is more than stuff.
I'm not always happy,
but I am content.
And I have great friends
to whom I can vent.
I have food and shelter over my head
and one of my favorite places is my cozy bed.
I do not have the love of a man
but I have the adoration of many little "fans".
My life is not always grand
but I find comfort in my family band.
And last, but certainly not least,
at the Father's table I am privileged to feast.
I am saved and I am free
He is making me into what He wants me to be
There is nothing better than that
So this Thanksgiving I don my Thankful Hat.

Okay, I admit it...I'm a complete sap.
But whatever, I like me. :)
Just for fun, I've included a clip of VeggieTales' "A Thankful Heart" :)

Thank you for reading!May God's Richest Blessings be upon you 
and yours this Thanksgiving Season!