Thursday, January 16, 2014

Whimsical Wintery Weather {A Snowflake Canvas Project}

Good Morning, Friends!

Let me just say that the weather around here has been WILD!
Last week, we saw ARCTIC temperatures
(Yes, that says NEGATIVE 15 degrees...)
Then within a few days we had sunshine and temperatures near 50 degrees.
Like I said, WILD weather!
Unfortunately, its this kind of weather that brings sickness.
I am experiencing it first hand at Thomas Jefferson.
I would appreciate any and all prayers for my own health
but particularly for the health of my kids and staff.

This week the weather has say the least.
Actually, a better word comes to mind...
The weather seems to have come out of a Dr. Seuss storybook.
Yesterday, GORGEOUS Snowflakes the size of quarters fell for a few hours
and were then followed by frigid and blustery winds.
Today, the sun was bright and the air bitingly cold.
Then, with the sun still shining, it began to snow.
It was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen.
Tiny, crystal snowflakes shimmering and sparkling in the sunlight
as they meandered to the ground..
It was LOVELY...

Keeping the weather in mind,
I knew that my kiddos needed to work on a snowflake craft this week.
As I mentioned last week,
my supervisor has purchased several blank canvases
for me to use as I see fit.
I decided that one should be snowflake themed.
I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do
(placed there by Pinterest, of course...).

I cut some pretty snowflakes out of white paper
and then traced them onto to contact paper.
I cut them out and placed 
the now see-through snowflakes on the canvas.

Originally, I had thought of having the children then 
"finger paint" or "hand paint" rather
a variety of soft, pastel colors over the snowflakes.
Then when the paint dried I could remove the snowflake contact paper
and we would be left with a colorful canvas
with white snowflakes.

However, when I approached one of my assistants,
she had another idea.
She suggested having the children use dry powder paint
on top of the contact paper snowflakes.
Honestly, I thought she was a bit flakey...:)
However, I told her to go for it.

As you can see,
the canvas turned out as WHIMSICAL 
as the local weather!
To finish the project,
I sprayed the entire canvas with cheap hairspray
to keep the powder paint from coming off.

Here it is proud displayed with other canvases the kids and I have done.

What have you been up to this blustery, winter days?
I would love to hear all about it!