Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Crazy Christmas! {And a Plan for the New Year!}

Good Evening, Friends!
I apologize that it has been this long since I have written. 
I have no excuses except that this has been

I honestly cannot think of a Holiday more jammed packed 
than Christmas 2013.
Since Thanksgiving, I:
photographed THREE full Christmas Shoots
(which I hope to share in the near future),
assisted in "Decking the Church Halls" with Christmas Cheer,
directed the Children's Christmas Program at church (as usual)
while also assisting with two Youth Christmas Programs,
decided to MAKE a large number of my Christmas presents 
rather than purchase them (due primarily to financial reasons, 
but also because I find homemade gifts really special),
and lend out my craft-making abilities 
to help another family member with her Christmas gifts!
(All while working full-time and attending online classes full-time...
basically, I didn't sleep...)

Like I said, it was ONE CRAZY CHRISTMAS!!!!
That's not to say it wasn't enjoyable...
because it was.

I will be sharing my Christmas Photo Challenge with you all soon.
And you will see that I enjoyed myself to the fullest!
But I am glad to welcome the New Year
and, hopefully, the rest and relaxation it brings with it.

Now that I've said that, I need to be honest.
I am NOT a New Year's kinda girl!
I do not look forward to the New Year
as a clean slate or a fresh start.
Not really sure why...I don't remember having a bad experience
with New Year as a child, but maybe it was so bad that I blocked it out...
Anyway, whatever the reason,
January is my least favorite month of the year.
I usually get a little depressed in the month of January
(and it often spills over into February...
due to a certain black holiday on the 14th...
yeah, I'm not a Valentine's Day lover either...).

However, this year, I'm going to try my utmost
to be more POSITIVE concerning January and February.
And, I've got a little bit of an action plan in mind...
wanna hear it?
Good...'cause I REALLY wanted to tell you. :)

#1.     I am leaving my Christmas decorations up until January 31st (at least...
I may leave them up longer than that...we'll see how it goes...)

I have multiple reasons for this:
a. This Christmas was SSSSOOOO CRAZY,
I felt that I didn't even really have time
to enjoy my decorations that I worked so hard on!
b. If I were to describe January and February in one word...
that word would be: BLEAK.
Therefore, I am utilizing my lovely, festive, BRIGHT
Christmas decor to combat this.
c. I REALLY have a thing for Christmas lights...SERIOUSLY...

#2.     I intentionally postponed (until January or February) a Christmas celebration or two
in the hopes that I could keep the Magic of Christmas alive and
the depression of January and February at bay.
(Yes, I seriously think like this...)

#3.     I'm going to share my Christmas photo shoots with you
even though the Holiday has passed.
My photos cheer me up...
hopefully, that will work for January's bleakness...

#4.     My church always makes time at the beginning of the year
to refocus spiritually.
I am REALLY looking forward to this this year.
I am planning to explore God's Word on a deeper level
and have decided that I shall read Let It Go by Bishop T.D. Jakes as well.

#5.     I have already begun and will continue to send out my resume
and apply for new jobs.
I feel that I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish at the YMCA
and that it is time for me to move on.
Furthermore, I am hoping to find a better paying job
so that I can truly support myself.

I have more items on my "How to be Positive in the New Year" List,
but these are the main ones.
I had been thinking of making some New Year's resolutions,
but this is what I came up with instead...
I guess I'm not very traditional.

What are your plans for the New Year?

I would love to hear all about them!
Thanks for stopping by!