Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday FIve-O #22 {Counting the Days Til Stay-Cation!}

Good Morning, Friends and Family!
I hope this finds you doing well on this lovely, cool Friday in July!

I don't know how your week has gone,
but mine has literally been filled with tumultuous emotions.
Some GREAT and some not so great.
Come check it out on today's

Last Friday was a Very Fun-Filled Day for me and my Little Scribblers.
It was the culmination of our Christmas in July Theme,
so what did I do?
I arranged for my very dear Papa Lutz to come play Santa for us :).

Now, this is not a new thing for him,
Playing Santa is a gig that he started years ago
and has become a way of providing for his family.
Anyway, he did a GREAT job (as usual) playing the part for my Little Scribblers
and I'm very grateful to him for agreeing to come share his talents with us! :)

Saturday I updated my Chalkboard Art in my bedroom.
Just in case you hadn't caught on yet,
I'm a little obsessed with my Chalkboard :).

Monday at work, I was tired.
Now I realize that that isn't excessively original for a Monday,
but I as more tired that usual.
In all honesty, I was beyond weary.
It wasn't that I had stayed up all hours of the night over the weekend,
it wasn't that I had a particularly difficult situation 
to deal with at work on Monday.
Just the opposite actually.
Everything in my schedule was exactly the same.
I think I was wore down in general.
When I get this way,
I tend to take a very negative outlook on life.
I've caught myself doing this multiple times.
Well, this time I decided that instead of becoming negative
that I was going to count my blessings
and stop and smell the flowers.

One of my blessings that I enjoy the most
are these wildflowers that grow along my route to work.

Wednesday was my Friday!
And just in time!
As I mentioned, I was tired and in need of some good rest.
So a Four-Day-Weekend/Stay-Cation was like an answer to prayer!
I was so excited about it that I posted this photo to IG.

With this Caption:
"It's My Friday! And I'll Splash if I Want To!"
Even though that is OBVIOUSLY is NOT me in the photo,
that pretty much sums it up! :)

Thursday, was like a Day in Heaven.
I slept in, had the house all to myself, cooked WONDERFUL food,
didn't venture out til after 7pm 
and then went to bed knowing I could sleep in again the next day! :)

Like I said, a Day in Heaven! :)

How do you deal with your own personal negativity?
What do you do on your Stay-Cations?
I would love to hear you stories!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
I hope you come again soon!