Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday Five-O #23 {Quick! Let's Put This Week Behind Us As Fast As We Can!}

Good Saturday Evening, Everyone!
I hope this finds you doing well.
I apologize that this Friday Five-O post is late,
but to be honest, it's been a pretty tough ride on the Roller-Coaster this week
and I simply did not have the heart to write this post earlier.

The last week has say the least.
And I'm very glad to put it behind me.
Honestly, the bad parts were so bad, I don't even want to think about them anymore.
So, I'm going to focus on the positives that last week brought.
C'mon with me and I'll tell you about it on today's:

Friday was my adorable cousin, Tiara's, 5th Birthday.
We celebrated "Hello, Kitty" style at the Springfield Inn & Suites
(so the kiddos could go swimming when the party was over).

At alternate points during the celebration,
I had the opportunity to capture some more artistic photos...
What do you think?
Personally, I'm in Love with them! :)
(The photos AND the darling children!)

Saturday was a College & Career Picnic & Sand Volleyball Event.

It was hot and humid and CERTAIN players felt it necessary
to kick up dirt every time he dove for the ball...
but a ton of fun was still had by all! :)

Sunday, I was privileged  to take the 1 month photos of Miss Claire Watson.
I have been honored to photograph several occasions in this family
and this was just one more happy session! :)

I love this precious family!

Tuesday I took a second to capture this photo at work:

So many of my Little Scribblers are mini hurricanes 
blowing through the playroom leaving chaos in their wake,
and then I have the little guy that does this...LOL!

Wednesdays at the YMCA are "Healthy Days".
We have a Nutrition Lady that comes to visit us and teach us about eating healthy,
taking care of our bodies, etc.
Wednesdays we are supposed to support this
by giving the children only healthy snacks.
Well, I did the unthinkable.
I gave my Little Scribblers donuts.

Hey, if you had had the week I did,
you would've looked for reasons to increase your sugar intake too! :P

How was your week?
I sincerely hope and pray it was better than mine!

Thank you so much for visiting tonight.
I hope you come back soon! :)