Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Friday Five-O #48 {On a Wednesday?!}

So...I didn't "Friday Five-O" last week...
I'm sorry...
But in my defense,
I was in bed with the worst sinus infection of my life!
Seriously...THAT. Was. Ridiculous!

Anyway, that has all passed and I'm excited to share
the events of last week with you today
on this Wednesday edition of:

Friday (Feb. 27th) was a CRAZY day!
Due to the month ending on a weekend,
I had to make an extra trip to the YMCA
to deliver the monthly paper work.
Extra trips to work are not my favorite thing,
but I was very happy to capture this photo
on my trip home.

If I were to name this photo
(which I sometimes do...),
I would call this "Night Lights".

Sunday (March 1st) was the final service of Youth Week 2015.
It was an awesome week for the young people of POP.
I was particularly excited to capture this video:

I am SO Proud of these guys!
Also on Sunday,
I captured this photo...
if I didn't already know how delicious coffee is,
this photo would convince me! :)


Monday (March 2) I did a little extra Nannying in the evening
and took a pit stop on the way home
to capture this:

(Again with the Night Lights...anyway...)
This is my city...the city I was born and raised in.
I've taken photos of it before,
but I enjoy rephotographing places and things
that mean a lot to my home.

Tuesday (March 3rd...also known as "Ice Day"...)
I ended up leaving work early.
I was feeling terrible, but in spite of that
cheerily told my boss that I would see her the next day
(boy, was I mistaken!).
On the way home, I stopped to pick up my usual
sickness supplies: Ginger Ale and Kleenex.

At the time, I was actually thinking that a good night's rest
would do the trick and I would be just fine the next day...
That didn't happen.
I ended up being off work for the rest of the week.
And for those of you who know me,
that is UNHEARD OF!

Thursday (March 5th) was World Book Day.
And in spite of being sick with a viral plague...
(ok, it was just a sinus infection, but it FELT like a viral plague!)
You KNOW I HAD to get in on that! :)

I celebrated by spending the day in bed with my books.

How was your week?
Have you had the plague at your house?
(I pray that you've been spared,
but I know that a LOT of people have been sick!)
How did you celebrate World Book Day?

Thank you so much for visiting today!
I hope you come back very soon!
Like on Friday...for another: