Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Snowy 10th Wedding Anniversary

Good Day, Everyone! I hope this finds you doing well. It just sort of came to me that I haven't done a  photography post in a while. Not from lack of photos...I've actually been keeping pretty busy with shoots over the last few months. I guess I've just been "forgetting" (or too lazy...) to write up a completely post. Well, I think it's time I mended that! :) As I said, I have lots of shoots to share with you and I'm proud of the growth I can see in my photography skills.

This first shoot that I'm going to share with you took place just before Thanksgiving last year. At first I was worried because it had begun to snow, and I didn't feel very comfortable shooting in it. However, we went ahead and braved the elements...and I'm VERY GLAD we did!

This lovely couple decided to celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary by getting dressed up in their wedding finery and frolicking in the snow a bit! ENJOY!

Are they not the most gorgeous couple you've ever seen in you life? The love that these two have for each other just radiates from them. I feel so privileged that I was called upon to photograph this celebration. Happy Anniversary, Josh and Jessica!