Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Five-O #54 {Flowers and Fruit Galore!}

Good Morning, Loves!
I hope this finds you doing well!

This has been a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG week!
So much has been going on
that I feel I've barely had time to catch my breath.

Why don't you grab a pillow and a blanky
and settle in for a nap 
(Lord knows I'm going to as soon as I get done writing this!)
...after you read all about my week on today's:

Friday was the first full day after mom's shoulder surgery...
so basically my day was spent taking care of her.
She was, obviously, very sore and therefore, 
required pain meds every four hours.
The pain meds made her drowsy so she did quite a bit of sleeping.
During one of her numerous naps,
I made a break for the outdoors 
and snapped this LOVELY photo of my magnolia tree.

I so LOVE this tree!

Don't you?! :)

Due to mom's surgery, the weekend was relatively quiet.
I only left the house for about an hour
on Saturday and Sunday to run errands.
Monday morning, though, it was back to work with my TJ darlings.
And during coloring time,
this happened.

The Hunger Games fanatic in me lashed out sharply,
"That. Is. MAHOGANY!"
LOL...couldn't resist...

On Monday I also took a moment
to capture another lovely image of my sweet magnolias.

They smell so HEAVENLY!

Tuesday I was FINALLY able to capture a photo
of TJ's resident attack squirrel...

 This little dude, 
who happens to be named Ralphie Ferdinand Chubby, 
is literally not afraid of anything!
He comes right up to people 
whether you are screaming in terror or not.
He even tried to come into the school building
and was only persuaded otherwise 
by a foot kicking in his general direction.

Wednesday night was the long-awaited debut 
of my new ministry position at church.
I recently volunteered to step up and help coordinate
the Quarterly Kids Care Group.
What this entails is as follows:
Four times a year 
instead of holding a regular Wednesday evening church service,
the adults of our congregation meet to worship in five or so private homes.
The children are still brought to the church
where a group of loving, qualified individuals take care of them 
teach them a Bible lesson, and generally have fun with them.
This has been occurring for approximately 18 months now with mixed success.
The wonderfully lady that had previously been orchestrating the event
was simply being pulled in too many directions 
and was in need of some help.
Enter me. :)
Together, she and I planned out a curriculum
that is going to cover the next four quarterly care group meetings.
And Wednesday night was the first one :).
We decided on a Fruits of the Spirit theme.
The children were split into two classes 
(three if you count the infants in the nursery):
6 - 11 year olds
and 3 - 5 year olds.
Each class had age appropriate activities to do
and in general I'd say its safe to call the night a success :).
The younger class got to play with their food at snack time
to make Octi the Octopus 
who is a visual illustration of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit
(don't forget to count the apple in the center!).

I have to say...I'm kind of in love with it! :)
And I'm excited about the next quarterly care group meeting
that's coming up in July.
Here's a tiny sneak preview idea
(this is NOT set in stone yet):
Kool-Aid Water Fight.
dum dum dum!

Yesterday at TJ,
my little angels...were not being little angels
to say the least...
So in an effort to save my sanity and that of my co-worker,
we skipped homework and took the children outdoors
to run off some energy.
While outside, this happened: here's the story about this photo:
There is a lovely cherry blossom tree
(at least that's what I think it is...) at TJ
that I have been wanting to take a photo of.
Also I was REALLY looking forward to the sweet smell
that would invade my senses when I took a deep breath
while standing under it.
So imagine my surprise
when a very UNsweet and UNpleasant smell greeted me instead.
Nonetheless, the flowers were still pretty
so I decided to take a small branch of them
as far away from the stinky tree as possible
to take the photo.
Just as I was about to do so,
one of my darling little kindergarteners limps up to me
 with a shoe in her hand.
I immediately thought something was wrong
and asked her if her foot was okay.
She replied, "Yes, it's fine"
as if I had just asked her the most absurd question in the world.
Then she continued,
"Just look how cool in the inside of my shoe is!"
And, thus, this photo was born. :)

I tell ya, these kids keep me on my toes! :)
What have your kiddos done this week
that make you shake your head and laugh?
Are your flowering trees in full bloom?
Do they all smell good?

I would love to hear your stories!

Thank you so much for visiting today!
I hope you come back soon!