Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Long Live Summer!!!!

Alright, alright!
Anyone who knows me 
knows that summer is NOT my favorite season.
To put it simply, I am not made for heat!
Or more accurately, HUMIDITY!
I hate, loathe, and DESPISE humidity!
It always makes me feel gross from head to toe!
And for that reason, I have been dreaming of fall 
these last few weeks. 
Seriously, I'm fantasizing about sweaters and boots; 
leggings and scarves; pumpkins and bonfires.
This sticky summer heat is DRIVING me to it!

However, today, we here in Central Illinois,
had a break from the heat and humidity. 
It was a perfect day.
The sun played peek-a-boo behind some fluffy clouds 
that the pleasant breeze sent in and the temperature was in the low 80s. 
Like I said, it was a PERFECT day.
Today, along with my darling YMCA Summer Camp Children 
and my trusty camera,
I got to ENJOY summer.
For a few moments, I was able to lose myself 
in the beauty of God's Creation.
God's Summery Creation to be exact.
Take a look! :)
Nothing says "summer" quite like Queen Anne's Lace! <3

Bright, red "Bunny berries" as one of my kiddos so cutely called them :)

I've told you before that I have a "thing" for trees...well, I'm in LOVE with this one!

One of my favorite things about Summertime is the GREEN!
Green Everywhere!
As you can see, I wasn't the only one
appreciating God's Summery Creation today...
Honestly, these little guys aren't posed...they were just standing there...taking in the GREEN <3
That's one thing I LOVE about kids:
they are sensitive to things that adults often overlook.
Like the beauty of God in nature.
They are also very sweet and charming when they put their minds to it.
My sweet kiddos made a team effort to pick me some "flowers" today...

And one little girl's sassy sense of style
inspired today's blog post title:

Even though I personally cannot wait for fall
and the coolness it brings,
I know there are many of you who do not share my sentiments.
So on your behalf,
I was exclaim,

Thank you for reading!
I sincerely hope you are enjoying your summer
and I would love to hear what you have up to!
Also, what (or who) inspires you to find beauty of God?

P.S. I've got some very exciting things in the works for this ole' blog!