Monday, July 29, 2013

An A"DORA"ABLE 4th Birthday Party!

Good Evening!
Tonight I would like to share the events of last Friday evening.
I was privileged to attend the 4th Birthday Party 
of one of my favorite little people,
Tiara Marie.
You can find a little bit of the miraculous story
of Tiara's introduction to our family here. 

Even though, Tiara and her brother, Dustin, and her sister, Myah,
do not officially belong to our family (and, unfortunately, may never...),
they have completely stolen our hearts
and will always be apart of us no matter what happens.

Please enjoy Tiara's A"DORA"ABLE 4th Birthday Party!

The SWEET Birthday Girl! <3

Tiara's party was SUPPOSED to be a water party.
Complete with a new sprinkler and water guns...
a thunderstorm came along to help out...:)
Dustin had the time of his life playing in the rain!
The sun did make an appearance later 
and the water games let lose in full force! :)

She has a squirt gun...and she's NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!!!!
I have a "thing" for baby toes...<3
The Birthday Girl had a GREAT time!
A "Dora the Explorer" cake...compliments of Mama Lutz! <3

Blowing out her candles!
Birthday Girl opted for a chocolate cupcake instead of a piece of the Orange Dora Cake...

Somehow, I think the frosting was her favorite part...:)

Chatting with Aunt Beckey
She made out like a BANDIT!!!! :)

Cousin Xander was all smiles!

Dustin and cousin, Ruben, playing cars.

Handsome Ruben!
A little bit of partying can go a long way...:(

Happy Birthday, Tiara!
I love you with all my heart!

Thank you for sharing her special day!