Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Big Happy (And CRAZY) Family!!!!

Good Evening!
The Roller-Coaster has slowed down a bit this week.
PAID vacation which makes it even better! :)
I still have a lot to do this week and, yes, some of it includes work on the blog!
I'm not giving out any hints, but I'M EXCITED ABOUT IT!

Right now, though, I would like to share photos of one of my favorite families with you!
I had the pleasure of taking Extended Family photos at the end of June
and to say the least, it was an experience none of us will forget! :)
You may recognize some of the individuals in these photos 
(I have been privileged to photograph them before),
but now they are joined by their extended family!

Please Meet:
the Kinney's and the Mooney's!


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