Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Sunny Craft with the Kiddos

Good Morning, Everyone!
for my absence
(I do realize it has been 10 day since my last post).
Let me just say that this whole
"Kids back in school" and "me back in school" stuff
is UTTERLY and COMPLETELY exhausted me!
I'm hoping to find my groove soon
but I can't say I've found it yet!

Anyway, with the kids back in school,
I'm back to working my usual split shift. 
Our theme for last week was "Around the World". 
We "celebrated" a.k.a "studied" a different country/continent
every day of the week. 
 Monday = China
Tuesday = Africa
Wednesday = Germany
Thursday = France
Friday = Mexico
 Our craft for Africa was a Paper Plate Sun.
The kids did GREAT with it
and even added their own creativity
(which I completely LOVE)!
Check them out!

What you will need:
Plain, small paper plates
Paint (I used orange and yellow)
Tissue Paper (I used yellow)
Googly Eyes
Black Construction paper scraps

Pass out a paper plate to each child. 
Have the child paint their paper plate. 
I just let my little kiddies use their you can see :).

After the paint dried, I had the children glue on googly eyes and a black scrap paper mouth. 
Next I had them glue tissue paper around the edges of the plate.
Again, I let them use their imaginations. 

Some of the kids folded the tissue paper and some did not.
I love how they all turned out!
I also love the expressions the scrap paper mouths and googly eyes give the suns :).

This one looks kinda worried to me...but I still adore it!

I hope you enjoy making these with your kids
as much as I did!

Got some great posts in store for the next few weeks!
Keep checking in! :)