Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fantasies of Fall

Good Evening!
I pray this finds you having a good week thus far.
I know I am!

Summer Camp is coming to a close
at the good ole' YMCA
(and I am more than a little excited about it!)
and we are diving into planning for the School Year.
 (Just in case you don't remember,
the YMCA runs a program called Y-Achievement
that takes place before and after school hours
at local elementary schools.)
We have quite a few changes coming our way
this school year and we are very excited about it!
All this planning for the new school year has left me ABSOLUTELY CRAVING fall!
I've been dreaming about Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks,
 Leggings, Scarves, 
New jackets I bought on sale at the end of winter,
Fabulous Boots ;),
 Clear Blue Skies, Crisp Autumn Mornings, Bonfires,
Colorful Leaves,
 Bright Orange Pumpkins,
 the list goes on and on...
what can I say?
I'm a FALL FANATIC!!!! :)

I can't wait to visit Tanner's Orchard
Both of these places are great autumn experiences for families!
I've already got my "Warm Welcome" Scentsy burning in my office at work.
I've been looking at pumpkin shaving designs on Pinterest
(that's right, I said SHAVING not carving!
Beyond excited to try this!)
Actually, I've been looking at ANYTHING and EVERYTHING
autumn related on Pinterest :).
In fact, that's where I discovered this quote:
And I also discovered this AMAZING Artist:
Leonid Afremov.
Isn't his work BRILLIANT? I love the vibrancy of the colors!
Speaking of artists...
on my recent trip to Chicago with my College & Career group
(for more info about my AWESOME trip, click here), 
I discovered another Fabulous Artist:
Michael Cheney.
Amazing...I know! :)

Am I the only one dreaming of autumn?
What is your favorite part of fall?
Do you have any special plans for this fall?

P.S. Stay Tuned! 
I've got some INCREDIBLE SURPRISES in store!