Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tissue Paper Stained-glass Windows Tutorial

Yep! It's another kiddy craft on the blog today!
Hey, this Roller-Coaster has been OVERWHELMED with little people lately!
Don't be hatin'! LOL ;)

As I mentioned in my last post, 
the first week Back to School with the kiddos was themed:
"Around the World" week.
On Thursday of last week, 
we "visited" a.k.a "discussed" France.
I showed the kids photos of the GORGEOUS Notre Dame Cathedral
and then we made our own "Stained Glass Windows". 

What you will need:
Lots of brightly colored tissue paper
Black Construction paper
Contact paper

Cut the tissue paper into squares.

Cut two identical pieces of contact paper 

Place several pieces of the multicolored tissue paper 
on the sticky side of one piece of contact paper.
Use your discretion about how much tissue paper you use.
When you have enough tissue paper,
simply put the sticky side of the second piece of contact paper
down on the tissue paper. 
Next "frame" the contact paper and tissue paper
between two pieces of black construction paper.
I chose to make different shapes out of mine.

Finally, tape to a window or punch a hole in 
the top of the black construction paper frame and string in front of a window.
Now, isn't that lovely? :)
But that's just part of the fun! :)

Have fun!
Stay tuned!
More fun stuff coming soon!