Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five-O #25 {Photos, Photos, Photos!!!!}

Happy Friday, Dear Ones!
I hope this finds you doing well!

I've had a full week of photography and planning for the school year.
Come check it out on today's:

Friday was my beloved cousin, Steve's, 30th Birthday.
For those of you who know him,
he is a CHICKEN Fanatic!
That is, his favorite thing to eat is chicken!
(Wouldn't want someone giving him a porcelain chicken figurine...
he isn't THAT kind of Chicken Fanatic!).
Anyway, with that in mind,
he jokingly requested a chicken birthday cake from his mother-in-law.
Being the AWESOME woman she is,

Saturday, I took a day trip/adventure to Rockome Gardens
with some AWESOME people from church.
We saw beautiful sights, ate delicious food, and shopped in FABULOUS antique stores!
We came home completely exhausted,
but in spite of that a TON of fun was had by all! :)

Sunday, I was privileged to take photos of my gorgeous cousin, Maranda.
We usually try to take her photos twice a year,
but that just hasn't worked out thus far this year :(.
Nevertheless, we had a great night for photos
and, as usual, we had a marvelous time! :)

Monday officially began "Back-to-School" preparations at the YMCA.
Now, in the spare moments I found during Little Scribblers Camp
(um, yeah...WHAT spare moments?!?!?!?!),
I had actually already gotten some planning done,
but, of course, not all of it.
So I've been very busy this week preparing
for the start of the new school year this coming Monday.

I don't know about everywhere else,
but we have had a pretty glorious summer here in Central Illinois.
Mild temperatures and pleasant summer breezes have the norm around here.
And I absolutely love it!
Tuesday, I snapped this photo because honestly,
it is a perfect example of what this summer has been like:
open windows and lovely breezes! :)

Now, NONE of that is to say that I want summer to stick around a while longer.
NO WAY!!!!
I'm CRAVING Autumn like CRAZY!
I want sweaters and boots,
scarves and jackets,
colorful leaves and crisp, cool breezes!

Are you looking forward to Autumn as much as I am?
What back-to-school preparations have you made this week?
I would love to hear your stories!

Have a Great Friday and a Great Weekend!