Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Five-O #27 {Summer is Coming to an End...}

Happy Friday, Loves!
I hope this finds you doing well
and, of course, looking forward to the three-day weekend!
Not that I'm going to be sitting around watching Smallville or anything...
I'm planning on devoting most of my time to photo editing
and getting out and arranging my fall decor!
Yeah, I'm a little excited about it...:)

Anyway, this has seemed to be a very long week
and this three-day holiday weekend isn't coming a moment too soon!
Come along with me 
and I'll tell you all about my week on today's:

Friday, my cousin Madi came to visit me at work.
Since starting college, she has taken a sabbatical from working with me at the YMCA
in order to better to focus on her studies.
But hopefully she will return to us sometime in the near future! :)
Anyway, she expressed how badly she is missing interacting with children,
so I took pity on her and allowed to come visit me and the TJ kids :).
And, how funny is this! 
She, I, and my two site assistants all showed up wearing cheetah spots! :)
Totally unplanned! :)

We are Fabulous and we Know it! :)

Sunday my heart near beat out of my chest with pride.
We had a special service at church for Youth Week 2014
and two of my handsome cousins, Nolan & Colton sang a duet.
Not only did they do a GREAT job
(as you will hear, they both have AMAZING voices)
but their song choice was PERFECT for the occasion!

Like I said, SO PROUD! :)
Love you guys! Keep seeking the Lord
and there's no telling where He will take you!

Tuesday the TJ kiddies and I created this lovely, late Summer Craft:

I'm so glad my lovelies didn't lose their artistic ability over the summer! :)

Wednesday, I put the finishing touches on my project for National Dog Day
(which was Tuesday) and enjoyed my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the Autumn Season :).
Basically, I had a WONDERFUL day! :)

PSL = a cup! :)

Thursday I did a mini photo shoot with a couple of the little girls from TJ.
I plan to use them for a Book Review (later) on this blog.
But this photo is perfect NOT to share!
I absolutely LOVE it!

Let's just say, taking this photo COMPLETELY COVERED me in Gold Glitter!
But it was TOTALLY worth it!

How was your week?
I would love to hear all about it!