Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five-O #26 {Back-to-School!}

Happy Friday, Everyone!
I hope this finds you doing well!

I've had an interesting week to say the least.
Local schools have resumed
therefore, I am now back to working my split shift hours
rather than the all day shift I was working during Little Scribbler's Camp.

Come along and I'll tell you all about it on today's:

I spent most of the day on Friday over at Thomas Jefferson
getting ready for the new school year.
I didn't leave many supplies there at the end of the last school year,
so I had quite a bit of things to transport from the YMCA.
But I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish
and was still off the clock by 2:30pm :)!
That evening was Outdoor Movie Night with the Care Group
which was Extremely Cool!

We watched God's Not Dead and let me just say,
I encourage any and all of my readers to watch it!
Even the kids!
Definitely a Family Friendly Feature!

Saturday, I deep cleaned and rearranged my bedroom
(getting ready for the fall decor I am chomping at the bit to show off!).
One of the changes I made was to make a pile out of my small mirror balls 
rather than have them spread around the room.
Then not thinking about it,
I put that pile directly across from my westward facing window
(that I can see GORGEOUS sunsets through).
So imagine my surprise and pleasure when I walked into my room 
during the sunset and saw this:

I'm ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with it!
I don't see myself moving those mirror balls anytime soon! :)

Sunday, I updated my chalkboard art:

In my case, this is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!
Let me just say again,
I Love My Chalkboard!

Tuesday, I started up my nannying gig again!
(For those of you who don't know,
this past January, I started nannying a few hours a week
for a very dear family I attend church with.
Over the summer, my hours at work changed
so I was unable to nanny.
But now that I'm working my split shift again,
I'm available to nanny again!)
It was WONDERFUL to spend quality time with my G&G again!

I cannot believe how grown up they are getting!

Wednesday morning I was greeted by this LOVELY site as I pulled into work:

I am only a morning person by work requirement,
but this sight was almost worth being at work at 6:30am to see it :).

Did your kids head back to school this week?
I would love to hear their stories!

Have a Great Weekend!