Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thankful Everyday in November {Instagram Diary}

Good Morning, Everyone!
I realize it has been a little while since I have posted,
but to be honest...I am an ABSOLUTE CRAZY person right now
and have had to let somethings go.
I promise I haven't forgotten you and that I won't be gone forever!

That being said, I do want to take a second
and share an Instagram Diary with you.
I haven't done one of these in a while
(in fact, I think the last one was for my birthday March...
you can find that post here.)

I took a "challenge" of being thankful everyday in November.
I added my own spin by making it a photo challenge :)
('Cause you's just what I do...)
The following are the photos I took
and the descriptions I wrote to go along with them.

Day One: Today I'm thankful for Pajama Day...
the kiddos are extra cute and cuddly when they are in their Jammies 
and I needed the cuddles today. :) 

Day Two: Today I am thankful for #starbucks and this girl to share it with :)

 Day Three: Today I am thankful for the knack for
 #photography that God has given me ;) 

 Day Four: Today I'm thankful for all my little loves. 
There are way too many of them for me to list them all! 
They brighten up my day when nothing else does. 
They are always ready and willing to give hugs 
and tell me they love me. 
And I love them with all heart! 
Xoxo, sweet kiddos! 

 Day Five: Today I'm thankful for the #nlcacrusaders 
who taught me how to be tough 
and keep up with the boys in kickball :)

 Day Six: I'm so thankful to be apart of the POP Music Team...
I'm so privileged to learn from 
and sing with these extremely talented people! 
Love you all! #singer

 Day Seven: Today I'm thankful for the Mercies of God 
which are new every morning 

 Day Eight: Today I'm thankful for rough days 
that make you treasure the good days 
and for parents who can admit when their wrong 
and, of course, for Starbucks

 Day Nine: Today I'm thankful for the Dee-Mack Annual Pancake and Sausage Dinner...
enough said. #allyoucaneat

 Day Ten: Today I am thankful for instruction in righteousness. 
I never have to wonder if what I'm hearing 
from the pulpit is from the Word of always is!

 Day Eleven: Today I am thankful for all of the US Service men and women...
and for the beautiful #snow

 Day Twelve: Today I'm #thankful that I've been #redeemed 
and set free and that my heart has been washed white as #snow

 Day Thirteen: Today I'm thankful for the Godly women of POP. 
You mean so much to me and inspire me to give my entire being to His Service. 
I love you, Ladies! 

 Day Fourteen: Today I'm thankful for my cozy, inviting bed. 
This is probably my favorite place in the world. :) #sleeplover

 Day Fifteen: Today I'm thankful for my PHD (#Pentecostal Hair Do) styling abilities...
about which one of my little girls said, 
"You've got #Elvis hair today and you're totally rockin' it!" :) 

 Day Sixteen: Today I'm thankful that #Christmastime is near! :)  

 Day Seventeen: Today I'm thankful for #shelter from the storms of life. 

 Day Eighteen: Today I'm thankful for my job. 
Is it perfect? Do I always love it? Am I getting rich working there? 
No...but it does supply me with the means to pay my bills 
and gives me a reason to get up in the mornings.

Day Nineteen: Today I'm thankful for the living, breathing Word of God. 
I needed a Word today...and I got one :) #aGodmoment

 Day Twenty: Today I'm thankful for time to #doodle
It is a relaxing, meditative time 
that always brings my focus back on what is important :)

 Day Twenty-one: Today I'm thankful for rain and the storms of life. 
"The myth is that storms have to do with punishment. 
That they are God's response to sin 
or His disappointment in us as His children. 
May I suggest that it is actually the opposite? 
It is the confirmation that we are flowers the Father has planted 
and He desires to grow. 
And no matter how painful or inconvenient, 
it is necessary for the flower's beauty...
There is beauty to be found in the struggle 
of necessary storms in our lives...don't be afraid to grow." 

 Day Twenty-two: Today I'm thankful for my College & Career group. 
They provide much-needed encouragement and fellowship.

 Day Twenty-three: Today I'm thankful for my Care Group! 
I love them all with all my heart! 
What a great group of people!

 Day Twenty-four: Today I'm thankful for my #dramatics teacher. 
She practices what she more ways than one. :) 
Dramatics changed me and I'm forever #grateful

 Day Twenty-five: Today I'm thankful for quiet moments to myself.
 I enjoy the time to reflect on what truly matters. 

 Day Twenty-six: Today I am thankful for my #library...
it has saved me countless dollars and has been an important resource for me my entire life! 
 #nerdgirl #ilovebigbooksandicannotlie #reader

 Day Twenty-seven: Today I am thankful for the #education 
I received at New Life Christian Academy. 
I'm so glad I can turn in college homework assignments 
without HYSTERICAL spelling and grammatical errors...
unlike some other people in my class... 
Day Twenty-eight: Today I'm thankful for friends that can be family 
and family that can be friends. #ithinkisaythiseveryyear

 Day Twenty-nine: Today I am thankful for Chinese takeout...
the perfect end to a long day of #Christmas decorating. 
I'm calling it the perfect end since we left all the #Thanksgiving leftovers out at Grandma's...
and how about that fortune?!?!?!?! 
Claiming that one in Jesus' Name! ;)

Day Thirty: Today I'm thankful for wedding cake...enough said :)

 Let me know what you think! :)
Have a great rest of the week!