Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Introducing Lulabelle & Louise {(Another) Autumn Children's Book Review}

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I fully realize that its been a while since I've posted anything but a

And, honestly, there's a reason for that
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Anyway, the point of this post is to get me out of the Friday Five-O rut
and back into "other kinds" of blogging.
If you remember from the previous year,
I have published an Autumn Children's Book Review before.
But given my love of All Things Autumn,
how could I limit myself to a single review?
The answer: I couldn't :).
So here we are :).

In addition to this,
I want to introduce a new "attraction" to this blog:

Honestly, I'm not sure how many posts we will see
that showcase these two adorable little girls,
but I do promise that they will make more than once appearance!

I'd say that's a perfect quote/photo combination to start off this book review :).

The first book on the review is a repeat from the last one:

While the tale itself is charming and witty,
I personally think that its the bright, fanciful illustrations that hook the reader.
And Lulabelle & Louise Say:
Lulabelle: "I like this book because it is beautifully illustrated."
Louise: "I like how the cows moo at the moon."

Secondly we have The Little Yellow Leaf by Karin Berger.

As with By the Light of the Harvest Moon,
I fell in love with the illustrations over the story line
(however, the story line is great!).
Whimsical and bold, the illustrations capture the reader's eye like a classic search and find!
And Lulabelle & Louise Say:
Lulabelle: "I think this book is supposed to make you feel sad
 because the little leaf doesn't want to leave the tree."
Louise: "I like when the two leaves who have been left behind fly off together."

Next, we have Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

This comical tale will keep you and your kids laughing
throughout the entire read!
Names of the Autumnal months get scrambled,
turkey and dressing are passed out for Halloween,
and a Giant Feast of Candy is served for Thanksgiving
and that is just a taste of the silliness in this charming book!
And Lulabelle & Louise Say:
Lulabelle: "I like how the bears gather nuts and geese hibernate!"
Louise: "I like that they eat all the candy instead of turkey for Thanksgiving."

Next we have Hodge the Hedgehog by Amy Sparkes

This story is one of my personal favorites.
Not only is it about one of my favorite seasons,
but it also teaches a very important lesson about sharing
and taking care of others.
A lesson every child (and adult!) needs to learn!
And Lulabelle & Louise Say:
Lulabelle: "I like how all the pictures are so detailed."
Louise: "I like when the other animals clean up for Hodge."

The last autumn book we have is South by Patrick McDonnell.

This book has it's own very special brand of uniqueness:
it is wordless.
Yes, you read that right.
This story is told through pictures alone.
And I think it's adorable!
Regardless of the wordlessness,
the story line is evident.
And Lulabelle & Louise Say:
Lulabelle: "I like how it looks so nice you can tell the story without words."
Louise: "I like how the doggy (cat) gets sad at the end when the birdy leaves."

Finally we have Kay Thompson's Eloise.

Now this book is not a tale of autumn,
it is, however, one of our favorites at Thomas Jefferson
that we read on just about a weekly basis.
This mischievous little girl is a bundle of energy
who has made it her mission in life
to keep the staff of the world-renowned Plaza Hotel on their toes!
Double the fun is had when this book is read with attitude and vocal inflection!
DISCLAIMER: This book is very long. Takes at least 10 minutes to read.
And Lulabelle & Louise Say:
Lulabelle: "I love Eloise because she looks like me & she does silly stuff."
Louise: "I like how she kept going up and down all over the hotel.
This is a very long book, but its not a chapter book."

I hope you found this review helpful!
What are your favorite autumn books to read to your kids?
I'm always looking for new books to share!

Thanks so much for visiting!
I hope you stop by again soon!
And Lulabelle & Louise Say:
"See you next time!"