Thursday, September 26, 2013

50th Post Celebration! {Oh, and some more Autumn DIY!}

Good Afternoon, Friends and Family!
Today, I am celebrating my 50th Blog Post!
It has been an interesting journey thus far.
But a good one :).

I really feel like I am indeed finding my voice
which was the point of this blog from the beginning.
(New to my blog? You can find my first post here.)
As I've stated before,
I believe everyone has a story that needs to be shared
and this blog is my attempt at telling mine.
I need to share my story
because I need to stop hiding from my scary memories
and face them.
I need to fall in love with who I am.

I'm not quite there yet,
but I do see some very welcome changes in my life.
I was praying the other day
and I said to the Lord,
"Jesus, I think the blog is working."
He replied, "Don't kid yourself! It is!"
(I love how personal He is with me!)

Anyway, I just want to take a second
and thank all of you who are making this journey with me.
You don't have to tag along, but you do
and I don't take your presence lightly!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, on to the fun stuff! :)
I've got some more Autumn DIY to share!
I've been wanting a festive fall decoration for my office door at work.
With some Pinterest Inspiration,
here's what I can up with:

Here is a basic tutorial:

Materials Needed:
Burlap cut into strips about 1 inch wide (I used a piece approximately 12" by 9")
Hot glue gun & sticks
Wooden Initial (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
Fall flowers & other decor

Cut your burlap into strips. I also had to cut 4 2" square pieces to put over the ends.
I hot glued the end piece on first then I started wrapping the letter.
This part was the most difficult and took the was pretty tedious.

Once I got it all wrapped up
(I told my mom I felt like I was wrapping a mummy...),
it was a breeze!

Then I simply hot glued leaves to the bottom of the "S".
Then added the flower on top of the leaves.
Then attached the acorns and the pumpkin vine
(I have no idea what the official name for these are...I just call them pumpkin vines).
I added the bow and hung it on my office door!

EASY!!!! :)

Happy Crafting!