Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tag! Maranda's "It"!

Good Evening, Dear Friends!
I hope this finds you all doing well
and having enjoyed the Labor Day Holiday!
I know I did!
 I was a very CRAFTY girl today...
Pics to come later! :)

Lately, the Roller-Coaster has been taking
some different twists and turns
than those you are accustomed to.
Now, these twists and turns aren't new to me,
but I have yet to share THIS aspect of my personality
with all you wonderful people :)

Are you ready for this?
 Now I know you guys already knew that...
this doesn't come as big shock
(obviously, I'm a writer...I have a blog...)
But I've BEEN a writer for many years.
I've kept journals since I was a little girl
and excelled in English and Creative Writing
all through High School.

One of my favorite things to write
(and read for that matter...)
I've been wanted to share some of my poetry
on the blog for a while
but just haven't quite found the subject matter I wanted.

A few weeks ago,
one of my fellow bloggers
(who I follow regularly)
Miss Miki who blogs over at
shared a post that was all about her husband
(You can find it here)
Miki said that it was a blogging game of “Tag”
that she had found on another blog
and simply wanted to carry it on.
I decided then and there
that I would do the same!
Only, I would be highlighting my
wonderful and adorable cousin/baby sister, Maranda.
Since we all know, I don't have husband yet :).

I asked Maranda to compile 
a List of Random Facts about herself. 
I then reworded them
and put them into poem form.
Ssssoooo, to hit two birds with one stone,
here is a POEM that is ALL ABOUT MARANDA! :)

Tag! Maranda's “It”!
(You may notice that MY game of tag
is SLIGHTLY LONGER than Miki's...
What's a girl to do?
I had a LOT to say about Maranda Autumn.)

 Maranda's Stanza
By: Sarah D

When you first meet her,
she appears to be quite shy.
But once she's comfortable with you,
OH MY!!!!

She's adventurous and daring
but she has some fears too
Clowns and big crowds
just to name a few.

Country music and Flirting
are two of her favorite things
But being in front of my camera
is what REALLY gives her wings!

She's a terrible speller
And her balance she often loses
but everyone she knows loves her
In spite of her bumps and bruises

She can fall asleep almost anywhere
And she makes horrible noises when she chews
But being with big dogs
takes away all of her blues!

She prefers being alone
to being in a crowd
And a world wide adventure
is what she dreams about aloud

She is Tinty-Tiny, but tough
Being a preacher's kid has taught her this
And even at 15, her sense of responsibility is far better
than just hit and miss. 

She carries EVERYTHING
in her great big purse
But for her, being disorganized
just might be a curse!

She hugs the shadows
A spotlight she does NOT seek
And she prefers trucks to cars
Any day of the week!

She's is sweet and kind
and has a big heart
and to nearly everyone
she is willing to give a part.

I love my cousin Maranda
A baby sister she is to me
Having her in my life
Makes me giggle with glee

God has HUGE plans for her life
Without a doubt, this I KNOW
With Him on her side
To great heights she will go

Maranda, focus on Jesus
and let Him have His way
and in due time,
we will all be “Blown Away”!

 Thank you for reading!