Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five-O #4 {A Week of Celebration and Loss}

Good Morning, Lovelies!
It's Friday!
So you know what that means!

It's time for:

It has been a week of emotional ups and downs.
This Roller-Coaster Life has DEFINITELY lived up to its name this week!
As my title suggests, it had some very high altitude ups
and some very deep downs.
But I was able to find something to celebrate
in every circumstance the week threw at me.

Sunday was spent celebrating my nephew's birthday.
My nephew was born three days before my 13th birthday
and therefore we usually celebrate our birthdays together.
However, things had come up and we didn't think that was going to be a possibility this year.
So imagine my surprise and pleasure when, 
while I was sitting in church Sunday afternoon,
I got a call from my sister explaining that they were going to be eating dinner 
in East Peoria (a mere 6 miles from my location).
I quickly worked out the details with her and 
very soon was treated with the pleasure of her company
and a scrumptious dinner.

My nephew was exhausted from too much partying
and therefore refused to let me take his picture...
Oh to young and irresponsible! :)

Monday, during a trip back in time, I celebrated being in good health
and having good memories of my first job.
Okay, so I did not literally go back in time, but it kind of felt like it.
I'm not sure how many of you know this,
but I was born with a hole in my heart.
(I will be sharing more of that story soon.)
Well, on Monday I went to have a routine check-up with my cardiologist.
Now, as I've mentioned in previous posts,
I used to work in the cardiology office that I am a patient at.
So when I say I took a trip back in time...
I literally mean I went back and visited some old stomping grounds
that are very near and dear to my heart
(honestly, that pun was completely
During that brief visit, I didn't get to see everyone that I knew in my time working there,
but I was privileged to see many smiling, familiar faces.
The building itself seemed to smile at me.

My time at HeartCare Midwest is something I will never forget.
In a way, I kind of grew up there.
It was my first job and learned a lot about integrity and responsibility.

Tuesday, I celebrated the coming of Spring.
I added some more MUCH needed springy decor to my room.
A while back I purchased three lovely 11x14 picture frames for a rather large, bare wall.
I have been trying to keep seasonal photos in them to just cheer up the space.
I had had some lovely black and white snowy prints in there,
but decided those HAD TO GO!
So I replaced them with these:

They DEFINITELY helped brighten up the room!
And, yes, the center photo is of a precious, semi-terrified Easter Bunny...:)

Wednesday, which happened to be my 26th Birthday, I celebrated my Magau's life
You see, on the 26th anniversary of my arrival on earth,
the world lost one of its greatest ladies.

You know, when William Shakespeare said, "...and though she be but little, she is FIERCE."
I think God had given him a vision of my Magau.
Magau, we were never connected by blood,
but you took me right into your life like I really was one of your Granddaughters.
I love you and will never forget you.
Your love and kindness have helped make me into the person I am.

Now, I don't want you to think that my birthday was completely ruined,
because it wasn't.
Absolutely I was sad and of course I shed more than a few tears
over the fact that Magau was gone from my life,
but right now, she's in Heaven.
She's not sick or weak anymore.
In fact, I think she's trying out her glorified body by cutting a rug.
I can just see her kicking up gold dust.
With these thoughts in mind,
I was able to go on and enjoy my birthday.
(I will be sharing more Birthday Fun soon!)

Thursday, I celebrated the Spring Equinox!
(Can you tell I'm excited that Winter is FINALLY OVER?!?!?!?!)
I honestly enjoy all the seasons,
and am truly ready for the ice and snow of winter when it arrives,
but I am BEYOND that now!
I am ready for the more mild temperatures of spring
and the warm winds it brings with it.
I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before,
I have always loved the wind.
I suppose that could be because I was born in the month of March:
the month KNOWN for it's winds.
(Now, my assistant at TJ would argue that the wind is terrible
and he cannot wait for the more mild weather of late spring...
Whatever! He was born in June!
No wonder he can't handle the March Winds! lol)
Anyway, when I arrived at the YMCA on Thursday,
I stepped out of my car and just took a second to enjoy
the blue sky, the fluffy clouds, the birds singing,
the warmer temperature, and, of course,
the WIND.

Honestly, up until that point,
I had been a little keyed up about some work issues,
but that pause to enjoy the weather settled me right down. :) 

How was your week?
Have you ever had someone close to you pass away
on your birthday and/or a Holiday?

I would very much enjoy reading your stories!

I hope you have a great weekend!
Please come back visit soon!