Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Five-O #5 {On the Road Again! (Legally...)}

Good-Aye, Mates!
(Is that how you spell that? I have no idea...)
It's Friday!

So you know what that means!
It's time for:

I don't know if I've ever come right out and said this, but
It's right up there with Ping-Pong!
(Remember my ardent love for Ping-Pong?
You can read about it here.)
Seriously, I am NOT the most coordinated and athletic person in the world,
but I can hold my own on the volleyball court
and at the Ping-Pong table.
This being said, Friday Night was Gym Night with my College and Career Crew.
We started the evening with Volleyball
and I'm thrilled to say that my team won every game! :)
(FYI...I'm also highly competitive...)
Then we switched to basketball.
Well, I guess I should say that "THEY" switched to basketball.
I happily sat out and took pictures...
oh, and had a nice long chat with my cousin on the phone.

I can't tell you how excited I was that
I actually caught the ball going into the hoop! :)

As I mentioned in last week's Friday Five-O post,
on my birthday a very Great Lady passed from this earth
onto her Heavenly reward.
We commemorated this Celestial transition
and laid Magau's body to rest last Saturday.
The usual feelings that accompany funerals naturally overshadowed us,
but in general, it was the one of the nicest funeral services I've ever attended.
As evidenced by the packed out church,
Mague was loved and will never be forgotten.

Magau, thank you for being one of the most loving ladies I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.
You will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart.
I love you.

Sunday, I had a bit more Birthday Fun :).
After church, my friend Jessica and I went to TGI Friday's for dinner
where, in honor of my special day, I received a free dessert of my choice.

Can you say "A-MA-AZING"!?!?!?!? :)

Also, I was feeling a blue on Sunday, so I wore my red shoes to cheer myself up.

It worked!
My red shoes always put a Pep in my Step :).

Tuesday was DEFINITELY a day to celebrate!
It marked THE END of the most difficult class I've ever taken in my life!
First of all, it was awfully boring information to learn about
(but I suppose I most likely will put it to use someday...):
Reimbursement Fundamentals in Healthcare.
The course work for this class was challenging but not terrible.
Honestly, what caused this to be the most difficult class I've ever taken was:
lack of communication with the instructor.
From the very beginning of the class,
it seems that there has been one miscommunication after another.
First there were issues with the Virtual Campus
and I tried to be proactive by emailing my instructor
to let her know my assignments would be late and why
(she still initially gave me an "F").
Then (even after she informed that she would change that grade),
it remained an "F" for three and a half weeks.
I never received a response from her even after emailing her four times about it.
But she found time to email me (and effectively give me a heart attack)
that I was "missing several assignments"
when in fact, I wasn't missing any.
Like I said, A LOT of miscommunication!
I cannot express the relief I felt when I turned in that final assignment!
(By the way, my overall class grade was an A-!)

 And now I'm only one class away from Graduation!
Yay! My second Associates' Degree is in the Bag! :)

Also on Tuesday, I became a legal driver again.
I had had previous knowledge that my driver's license
was going to expire on my twenty-sixth birthday,
but when it came to my birthday week,
naturally, I completely forgot.
Therefore, I have been driving illegally since last Wednesday
A quick trip to the DMV today rectified that!

And, literally, it was a quick trip!
I was in and out of there in an hour!
I think that's a miracle! :)

Wednesday, I spent the day with my sister in Lincoln.
Lincoln is only like 50 miles from Peoria,
but to me--who is used to driving in no more than a 20 mile radius--
it seemed like taking a mini roadtrip.

I know some people dislike Illinois because of all the flat, farm country,
but I think it's beautiful :).

How was your week?
I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks for stopping by!
Please come back again soon!