Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! {Five Dr. Seuss Themed Projects with the Kiddos!}

Good Morning, Dears!

This is the long ago promised Dr. Seuss post! :)
February 26th was an early dismissal day at Thomas Jefferson.
As I have mentioned in previous posts,
I strongly dislike early dismissal days.
The only way I get through them is to have a good plan.

The last Early Dismissal Day, I declared it to be Penguin Day.
And in all honesty, it was a ROUSING success. :)
You can read more about it here.
The success of Penguin Day inspired me
to plan a great theme for the next Early Dismissal Day.
And I already knew what theme I wanted it to be...
(drum roll, please...)
Since his birthday is March 2nd, it sort of felt like it was meant to be! :)

Now, here's a confession...after the actual Dr. Seuss Day,
we were having so much fun making Dr. Seuss related crafts,
that we decided to continue the theme up to St. Patrick's Day.
(So, just to warn you, this is going to be an excessively long post
with LOTS and LOTS of fun photos!)

A lot of these crafts and projects I found through Pinterest
and then added my own unique twist to them.

To start us off, we have:
The Wocket in my Pocket Craft

 This is the example that my wonderful, artistic assistant, Nicole, made to show the children.
I think it's adorable...and beyond simple!
We used colored foam sheets for the pockets
and felt for the Wockets.
We had the children decorate the Wockets in the Pockets
however they desired and the result was GREAT!

Next we made Hand-print Lorax crafts.

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out!
They are all a bit different, which is great
because it shows off each child's individuality.

Then we did two different varieties of Truffala Trees.
First, using straws and yarn,
we made our own Truffala Tree Forest :).

Evidently, the children thought it was necessary to add fruit in some of the trees
and then, of course, there had to be bears to eat the fruit.:)
Like I said, I LOVE their creativity!

For the second Truffala Tree project,
I had the children do a bit of abstract painting on plain pieces of construction paper.
I let them choose whatever color they wanted.

As you can see, some of them were really into it
and others...weren't...:)
Some of them liked their abstract painting so much
that they wanted to keep them just the way they were.
Of course, I let them under the condition
that they complete another abstract painting for the Truffala Tree project.
That actually worked! It kind of surprised me.

I gave each child a few Truffala Tree Tops (that's kind of hard to say...)
that I had previously free-handed and then copied onto colorful paper
and had them glue them onto their abstract painting.
Then I instructed each child to cut out strips of white paper
and decorate them and then glue them onto to be the Truffala Tree Trunks.

This was the example I made for the children.
I love how theirs turned out!

I have to be honest, I think the above one is my favorite! :) 

You can't really tell the above one is supposed to be Truffala Trees,
but I still love it! :)

Finally, we made a One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Canvas.
We definitely took our time with this.
We would do a bit and then let it dry for a few days
and then do a bit more.
It's not really Dr. Seuss in the traditional sense,
like we didn't use his drawings for the fish,
but obviously, the idea stemmed from his genius.

And, of course, we kept the book around to inspire us during the completion of the project. :)

What follows is the culmination of all of our Dr. Seuss Projects.
Also, I'm throwing in some darling photos of a few of my little people...
just because I can :).


Did you celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday?
I would love to hear about it!

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