Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five-O #2 {Whew! It's Been an Interesting Week...}

Happy Friday, Dears!
I hope you've had a good week!

It's that time again!
It's time for:

What exactly is Friday Five-O?
You can find that story here.

For me, this week has been...interesting...
to say the least.

The weekend was BUSY, BUSY, BUSY
with adoption events.
(I will be telling more of that story in the near future!)
Saturday evening we had an "O-fish-al" Adoption Party
at Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl inside our local Bass Pro Shop.

The Lady of the Day was DEFINITELY 
in a more smiley mood than the day before!

As I mentioned in the Friday Five-O post last week,
I have been diagnosed with TMJ
and therefore am not allowed to sing for two weeks.
Do you know how hard that was for me?
Anyway, I decided that even though I couldn't participate,
I would still attend choir practice.
You know...for moral support
(not sure if I needed the moral support or if they did...)
Well, all of my good intentions were foiled by...
I literally sat beside this barrel for 10 minutes.

So I took a photo of it.
It's what I do.

Okay, so I have to admit something...
I was really CRANKY Monday and Tuesday...
I mean like REALLY!
I sort of yelled at the barista at Starbucks on Monday
when she told me I couldn't use my coupon code 
for my Chai Tea Latte.
On a previous visit with a coupon, 
I had been informed when and where
to tell the barista that I had a coupon code to use.
I did as instructed.
But then was told that I had waited too long
to inform the barista that I had a coupon
and therefore would have to pay full price.
After much--slightly heated--discussion,
she ended up giving me my Latte for free
and telling me to visit the next day to use my coupon code.
Then I felt bad for squawking at her.
I apologized and told her I wasn't upset with her.
I was simply upset with the situation.
She said she understood and apologized as well for the confusion.

Let's just say, I REALLY NEEDED that tea that day!

Wednesday night resumed our TRULY mid-week service at church.
All of my growing up years,
we had had church on Sundays and Wednesday evenings.
Then--out of the blue--a few years ago,
our Pastor announced that we would be switching to Monday evenings
for our mid-week services
(how is Monday night mid-week?). 
Honestly, no one I spoke with enjoyed this,
but we went with it in an effort to support our ministry team.
But, HALLELUJAH! The "suffering" is now over!
And we have resumed Wednesday evening services!
(Imagine me doing a Happy Dance!)

As you can see, I'm not the only one happy about it!
Cousin "Z" is excited too! :)

Finally, last week at Thomas Jefferson,
we were all focused on Dr. Seuss Crafts,
you know, since his birthday was March 2nd.
Anyway, this week I felt that it was "safe"
to move on to St. Patrick's Day crafts.
Ever since I was a kid, I've always LOVED St. Patrick's Day.
I suppose it's because I look good in green :p.
Or it could be that my birthday is two days after St. Patrick's Day...
Yeah, that's probably it.
Anyway, Wednesday and Thursday the kids and I
worked to make this cute little leprechaun.
This is the first of many St. Paddy's Day projects
the kids and I will be making!

I've always been a bit partial to leprechauns. :)
And, no, I'm not really Irish...
although with this Heinz 57 thing I've got going on genetically,
who know? Maybe there is a bit of Irish in there! :)
Like I said, I've always looked good in green! LOL

What have you had going on this week?
I'd love to hear about it!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Don't forget to check back in next week for another Friday Five-O!