Monday, March 10, 2014

We POPPED in for a Pinterest Party! {DIY Sharpie Mug}

Good Morning, Dears!
Happy Monday!
(You don't know how hard it was for me to say that...
I STRONGLY dislike Mondays...
and I had a particularly hard time getting out of bed this morning...
but anyway...)
I hope you had a good weekend, 
I know I did!
It was a little busy, but fun :).

Saturday Morning several of the ladies of POP and I,
POPPED in for a Pinterest Party!

What exactly do I mean by this?
I mean we met at the church for a little DIY get-together
and were treated to a gourmet popcorn bar!
Lots of fun was had by all
and two different variety of projects were done:
DIY Sharpie Mugs
DIY Dry Erase Calendars.

(I did not make a calendar or really pay attention
to how they were being made,
so I shall NOT attempt to put instructions on this post.)
I chose to make the DIY Sharpie Mug.
I had been thinking of trying to do something like this for a while
and took this Pinterest Popcorn Party 
as the sign that the time was now here! :)
Plus I actually already had a plain white mug at home
so that worked out too!

The Mug is actually a mug that I share with my mother,
so I knew the design I created on it 
should be something she likes as well.
Therefore, I decided to use our last initial as the main character
and then write (in various fonts) words beginning with the letter "D"
that describe who we are.
I think it turned out pretty cute, don't you?

I think the "DORK" is my favorite part of the whole mug! LOL
It was a last minute addition, but so accurate! :)

I have seen this project advertised many times on Pinterest
and have heard mixed success stories.
Some called for oil-based sharpies ONLY
while others said that ordinary sharpies worked fine.
Some say that the mugs MUST be hand-washed;
others claim to be dishwasher safe
(since I do not own a dish-washer, this will not be an issue for me).
In this particular case,
these are the instructions we followed:

Draw your design with ordinary sharpies (your choice of color).
Once the design is complete,
place the mug (or mugs) in a cold oven.
Turn on oven and set temperature to 350 degrees.
When the oven reaches 350,
set timer for 30 minutes.
After the half hour has passed,
turn off the heat and allow the mugs to cool in the oven.

My mug was washed by hand as soon as I got it home
and my design stay on just fine
(the above photos were taken after the mug was washed).

In case you are interested in using the method
for oil-bases sharpies, please click here. 
I found this version on Pinterest as well
and really appreciated how the project was explained.

I am still planning on making some more of these mugs in the future.
Literally, my head is SWARMING with design ideas! :)

Have you ever designed a project (sharpie mug or otherwise)?
How did it turn out?
I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great week!