Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Five Signs Summer Is On It's Way {Preparing for Summer Camp}

Hey There!
For those of you who don't know,
WOOHOO!!!! :)

Don't believe me?
I've got Five Signs Summer Is On It's Way!

Number 1:
My stress level is nearly through the roof
and my emotions are all tied up in knots.
I'm excited for my Little Scribbler's Summer Camp
I will be directing this year
but it seems there are not enough hours in the day
to accomplish everything I need to accomplish.
Also, I know my TJ kiddos are really excited about school being over
but, frankly, I'm gonna miss them
(in some ways, I already do...).
Some of them are going to be coming to camp at the YMCA,
so I will see them just about every day as usual.
But not all of them :(.
And that makes me sad.
And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one feeling this way...

I don't know what these two are going to do without each other.

Number 2:
I am extremely in-touch with my creative side right now.
In preparation for the beginning of Summer Camp,
I've been working on numerous projects.
Here is one I made particularly for my Little Scribbler's Camp:

I tried it out at Thomas Jefferson for the last few weeks.
As you can see from the below photo,
it was NEEDED! :)

Number 3:
My office at the YMCA looks as if a bomb has gone off in there.
There are boxes upon boxes filled and overflowing with supplies piled everywhere
and my desk is covered in lesson plans and craft ideas.
(No, I did not take a photo...I was too ashamed...
You will just have to take my word for it.)
Furthermore, my car has turned into an extension of my office.
I've have multiple boxes of supplies just hanging out in there
waiting for a storage spot inside the Y to open up.

Number 4:
My bank statement reads something like this:
Debit - Marathon Gas Station
Debit - Amazon.com
Debit - Amazon.com
Debit - Kroger
Debit - Amazon.com
Debit - Hobby Lobby
Debit - Amazon.com
Debit - Amazon.com

I'm not kidding.
I tend to find all kinds of treasures the kiddos HAVE to have on Amazon.
And naturally, they all come out of my own pocket...
Can't NOBODY say I don't give my all to my babies!

Number 5:
(This is probably the most obvious sign...)
It's already HOT.
(I got my first sunburn of the summer today...)
After such a terribly long winter,
I am LOVING all the sunshine,
(and, naturally, the kiddos are too)

however, the stifling humidity is already making me crave the coolness of Autumn.
Am I glad that my Little Scribbler's Camp is going to be primarily indoors this summer!

How are you preparing for your summer?
Do you have any special plans?
How do you handle humidity?
I would love to hear your stories!

I will be bringing you more Summer Camp/Little Scribbler's stories and photos soon!
Stay tuned!