Saturday, June 14, 2014

Little Scribblers Week One Curriculum: My Family & Me (I Survived the First Week of Summer Camp 2014)

Good Evening, Dear Ones!
I hope this finds you doing well!

Well, I survived the first week of Little Scribblers Summer Camp!
I'm Exhausted!
But in a good way...I'm tired because I've worked hard to achieve something.
That's a good kind of tired :).

Anyway, I wanted to take a moment 
and share a little bit of my Little Scribblers curriculum with you.
This week's focus was:
My Family & Me

We had A LOT of fun with this theme!
On Monday we discussed the uniqueness of every individual.
We had the kiddos make self-portraits.
They turned out A-MA-AZING! :)
Not that any of them actually look like the artists,
but still...I LOVE them! :)

Tuesday we talked about our Five Senses.
And how they allow us to experience the world around us.
Since it happened to be Judy Garland's Birthday,
we used "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" 
from The Wizard of Oz to illustrate this point.

I popped in our Wizard of Oz dvd 
and we listened to Dorothy sing the song
(that was using our ears).
Then I drew a rainbow on our chalk board
and had the children point out the different colors
(that was using our eyes).
Next, I passed our rainbow colored fruit snacks
and had the children give them a little squeeze
(that was using our touch)
and, of course, I then let the children smell them and then eat them
(that was using our noses and mouths).

Wednesday we went a little off topic.
These are kids we are talking about...
you gotta change things up to keep their interest! :)
Wednesday we celebrated Flag Day (which is actually this coming Saturday)
and we made that our primary focus.
Aren't these flags they made adorable?

And easy too! :)

Thursday, we started focusing more on our families,
particularly our Daddies
(since Father's Day is coming up on Sunday).
They made a GREAT craft that I have absolutely no pictures of...
I know, I know...
How could a Pathological Picture-Taker such as I
allow such a travesty to occur?
Well, I don't really have an answer other than I was too tired to even notice
that I had failed to photograph the crafts.
MY BAD!!!!

Friday we again focused on families as a whole
with an emphasis on our siblings, grandparents, and pets.
The kiddos made Family Trees
that turned out great!

Don't you think so?

How is your summer going thus far?
Are you focusing on FUN all summer
or are you going to try to interject some learning in your kids lives, or both? :)
I would love to hear your stories!

Thanks for visiting today!
I hope you come back real soon!