Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Five-O #36 {Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate...YUMMY!}

Good Morning, Friends!
And Happy Halloween!
I'm really not much of a Halloween fan
(particularly when the holiday started off the way mine did today...
more on that later...),
but I do think there is fun to be had for the kiddos
and, of course, the young at heart :).

Anyway, I've got some fun (and SCRUMPTIOUS!) stuff to share with you
so come along with me on today's:

Last Friday evening was a night of Halloween Fun
with my College & Career Group.
Pumpkins were carved,
Krispie Kreme donuts were inhaled,
a bonfire was lite,
hotdogs were roasted,
and general fun and fellowship was enjoyed by all!
I had decided to try a new hot chocolate recipe (Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate) for the occasion
and I would say it was a SMASHING SUCCESS! :)

For the recipe, please click here.
This recipe is VERY SWEET!
I'm thinking about exchanging a couple of items
if I ever make it again.

But before all that,
I spent the day at Tanner's Orchard with 21 children...
yeah...I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
School's were out that day for Parent/Teacher Conferences
and we decided that keeping all those kids cooped up 
at the Y all day was just NOT going to happen!
So I along with two other staff members took them to Tanner's.

And just so you know, I don't plan on doing that ever again.
Enough said.

Saturday was kind of a weird day.
I didn't really follow my "usual" Saturday routine
(which, for the record, usually involves me in my pajamas 95% of the day
and not leaving the house if I can help it).
Mom and I got out early and cleaned up the yard.
Now, I know this is common knowledge,
But I DO NOT like having to clean them up.
But I guess we all have to take our medicine...
So to cheer myself up, I took more photos of the Autumns Gloriousness :).

I guess that makes up for the mess :).

Monday I tested out a theory:
would the above mentioned Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate
taste as good reheated?

Let me give that theory a RESOUNDINGLY POSITIVE conclusion:
YES!!!! It's just as amazing warmed up three days later! :)
(Just so you know, my mouth is absolutely watering 
for some at this very moment!)

Tuesday was Nanny Day with G&G (as usual) :).
They always brighten up my week!
Not that my week necessarily needed brightening up...
I was having a great time reading a new book
and, as already mentioned, enjoying the Fall Loveliness! :)

There is beauty to found just about EVERYWHERE you look right now! :)

Thursday, I had my faith in humanity restored.
Now, I'm not going to go into detail,
but concerning a certain situation in my life,
I was starting to despair that nothing was ever going to change.
That I was just going to be stuck with the situation as it was
for the foreseeable future.
But then, I was blessed with a random gift
that completely altered my perspective of the situation.
It was a very nice feeling :).

Oh, and in addition to that
my favorite tree at work seems to be bursting into Autumn Flames
and I got some more pumpkins to decorate with :).

How was your week?
Have you tried any new fall recipes this year?
Care to share?
Are you getting tired of all the fall photos
ALL OVER the internet
(probably 50% of them are mine...)?

I would love to hear your stories!

Thank you for stopping by today!
I hope to see you again soon!