Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Story of Little Red Riding Hood {The TJ Edition}

Good Day, Friends & Family! I hope this finds you doing well! As I mentioned in a previous post, the last early release day I spent with my TJ kiddos had the theme of the Big Bad Wolf. With this in mind, we watched Hoodwinked (which is a sort of modern re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood) and read several different versions of the classic story. Since that 1/2 day, my little darlings have become a bit obsessed with the story of Little Red Riding Hood. They are CONSTANTLY acting out the story and telling each other, 'MY! What Big Eyes You Have!'. Well, what is a good Y-Achievement Teacher to do? I found a red blanket and a basket (and, of course, whipped out my camera) and let them create their own version of the story! Then, being the pathological picture-taker that I am, I turned their story into a full-blown photo shoot. :) My darling Queen of Hearts (as mentioned in a post from last February) starred as Little Red, two different boys played the Big Bad Wolf, and Lulabelle & Louise were...well, they were two little girls reading books in the forest... :). Just wanted to share our fun with you! ENJOY!

Once upon a time 
there was a little girl who always wore a red hooded cape. 
They called her Little Red Riding Hood.

One day, Little Red's mother told her that her Grandmother was ill
and was in need of some cheering up.
So Little Red packed a basket full of sweets
to tempt her dear Granny's appetite
and set off in the afternoon sunshine.

Now, something you must know about Little Red is this:
she is very friendly.
She loves to sing and smile
and talk to anyone who will listen.

Little Red's mother was well aware of her daughter's friendly nature
and had repeatedly warned her not to talk to strangers.
Particularly strangers that she met in forest.
Little Red was usually very obedient,
but this particular day she was so excited about seeing her grandmother
that she completely forgot about her mother's warning.
So when a large fluffy wolf suddenly appeared in front of her,
Little Red swallowed her surprise and cheerily greeted him,
"Hello, Mr. Wolf."

To be honest, the wolf was a bit taken aback by this.
He was unaccustomed to little girls not being afraid of him.
So instead of returning her greeting,
he simply asked her,
"Where are you going, Little Girl?"
Right about then, Little Red remembered her mother's warning.
She gasped and sidestepped the wolf,
hurrying on her way to Granny's.

Again, the wolf was again confused by Little Red's actions.
He was also very hungry
and he had noticed a very pleasant aroma 
drifting up from her small basket.
He decided to follow to her.
Perhaps he would have an opportunity 
to steal that basket away from her.
Meanwhile, Little Red was bit angry with herself for disobeying her mother.
She made up her mind that she would not speak 
to anyone else that she met in the woods.
So when she came upon two little girls near her own age
sitting on a bench reading,
she did not stop or even look in their direction.
If she had, she may have noticed
that story they were reading, was her own.

Just as Little Red was passing the little girls,
she heard the snap of a twig behind her.
She turned and, once again, came face to face with the wolf.

The wolf, surprised at her sudden movements,
reacted in a very wolfish way:
he growled at her.
This startled Little Red even more
and she let out a frightened gasp.

The wolf recovered himself and said,
"Who are you? And what have you got in that basket?
It smells awfully good!"
Little Red distinctly remembered her mother's warning
not to talk to strangers,
but at the same time it seemed rude not to answer the wolf's question.
So she said,
"I'm Little Red Riding Hood. 
And I'm taking sweets to my Granny.
She is sick and I want to cheer her up."
"Well, isn't that nice of you?" said the wolf very sweetly.
"But I could use a bit of cheering up myself.
Do you think I could have one of those sweets?"
"NO!" Little Red proclaimed.
"They are for Granny!"
The wolf then gave up any pretense of politeness
and once again growled at Little Red.
He said, "If you won't give me one,
I will just have to take them all from you!"
Upon hearing his words,
Little Red turned and began running with all her might.
The wolf followed huffing and puffing behind her.

Then, suddenly, Little Red remembered something else her mother had told her,
"When someone bullies you, stand up to them!"
"Hmmm," Little Red thought,
"I wonder what would happen if I growled right back
at this big bad wolf?"
She stopped short and turned on her heel.
"Go away you big bad wolf!
Leave me alone!"
The wolf was so surprised he let out a yelp
and quickly turned and ran back the way he had come.

But Little Red wasn't done.
She followed him, shouting, 
"It isn't nice to try to steal someone's sweets!
Especially a sick someone's sweets!"

The big bad wolf ran faster.
"This little girl is nuts!"
he thought to himself.
Little Red followed him for a few more steps 
then stopped to catch her breath.

"Hrrmph! That crazy wolf!" Little Red said to herself.
"He better not come after me again.
Next time I'll do more than yell at him!"
Then she turned and continued her trip to Granny's.
Granny was, of course, delighted to see Little Red
and receive the yummy sweets that she had brought with her.
She told Little Red that her visit was just the medicine 
she needed to make her well.
And the two lived happily ever after.

"But what about the Big Bad Wolf" you may wonder.
"What happened to him?"
Well after being yelled at by Little Red,
the Big Bad Wolf wondered if he had lost his meanness and scariness.
After all, Little Red had only seemed a bit startled by him
and then was brave enough to completely run him off.
This was a blow to the Big Bad Wolf's pride.
He sat pondering the situation for a while
then remembered the two little girls
sitting reading in the forest.
"Hmm," he thought to himself.
"I wonder if I could scare them..."
He decided to try, just to see if he still possessed the scariness.

He made his way back into the woods
and soon found the girls.
They had left their bench and were now sitting under a tree reading.

Carefully and quietly he sneaked up on them
and sit down directly behind them.

The two booklovers where so absorbed in their book
that they didn't even notice him until he gave a low growl.

 The two little girls screamed and jumped to their feet
and quickly ran away.

"Hmm..." the Big Bad Wolf thought happily to himself.
"That Little Red Riding Hood must've been a fluke.
I've still got it!"
And he went off thinking,
"Hmm...some bacon sounds really good right about now..."

But that's a story for another time...

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed our version of Little Red Riding Hood. Please visit again soon!