Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Five-O #45 (Val-oween is Coming...}

Good Morning, Everyone!
Happy Friday!
I hope this finds you doing well!

This week has been busy as usual
but also LOTS of FUN!
You know, with tomorrow being Val-oween
and everything.
(I've heard Valentine's Day referred to "Val-oween before,
but when my cousin used the term again last Sunday,
I was like, "Oh Yeah! I forgot about that.
That's a positive way to look at a very commercial holiday!
Okay...I'm a little twisted...what else is new?!)

Anyway, c'mon with me and I'll share some Val-oween Fun
with you on today's:

Friday was Homemade Donut Night at the Dahl House!

Yum, Yum, YUMMY! :)

Saturday was re-decorating day.
(Yes, that means I finally took my Christmas tree down).

Still in love with my favorite Christmas present:
my antique window! :)

Sunday brought my turn to work in the Toddler Class.

It was a VERY good day!
Love these precious kiddos! :)

Monday evening and Tuesday morning,
I had the TJ kiddos start working on their Valentine crafts
(I say 'start' because I actually had quite a few
different Valentine crafts planned for them...)

You better watch out! Or the Love Monster will get you! :)

Also, Tuesday was Nanny day...
and I had the privilege of capturing this:

Oooohhhh! Don't you just love baby toes?!

Thursday I watched a movie that I had never seen before
but was anxious to (FINALLY!) see:

And to be honest, I've gotta say...
I didn't think it was that great.
In fact, I was pretty disappointed.
I love Audrey Hepburn and always will
but My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday had MUCH better story lines!

How was your week?
How have you and yours been gearing up for Val-oween?
Have you ever (FINALLY!) taken the time
to watch a popular film or read a popular book
only to be disappointed that you wasted your time?

I would LOVE to hear your stories!

Thank you so much for visiting today!
Please come back soon!