Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Five-O #47 {A Mini Book Review Included!}

Good Snowy Morning, Dear Ones!
I hope this finds you warm and comfortable indoors.
Lord knows I love snow and all things winter,
but yesterday's snowfall made me want to run about, 
kicking up the powder with my trusty camera by my side 
and then bury myself in bed
with a pile of library books.
But unfortunately, I'm adult and I work a job
and I have responsibilities so that didn't happen...
but I found ways to enjoy the snowy day anyway :).

In addition to the lovely snow,
it has been a quite a busy week!
Come along with me and I'll tell you all about it
on today's:

Friday evening I was privileged to photograph
the Robison's glorious 25th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal.
To say that I was a nervous wreck...
would be completely accurate.
However, with the help my favorite photographers
I think it's safe to call my part of the night a success! :)

It was a grand celebration! :)

Saturday I spent the morning editing photos from the night before
and that evening went out for Bowling Night with the College & Career Group
and two very special little guests :).

Sunday evening I finished this book
(it took less than 48 hours).

I've read a lot of reviews that compare this book to Gone Girl,
but in my opinion,
this one is WAY BETTER!
Gone Girl I couldn't wait to finish!
I wanted to be done with it
and never think about it again.
That chick was eternally messed up!
And NOT in a good way!
This book was completely opposite.
Yes, in The Good Girl the leading lady is messed up,
but she's real and you can identify with her emotions.
Now, plot-wise, The Good Girl is pretty messed up too,
but in a way that's endearing and you don't want it to be done
when you turn the last page.
If you've never read either book,
my advice is this:
Skip Gone Girl and dive into The Good Girl! :)

Monday and Tuesday were spent
preparing for an Early Dismissal Day at TJ.
As I've mentioned before,
Early Dismissal Days REQUIRE a well-thought-out plan!
Luckily, I had one :).
I decided to call this half day
"Peter Pan Day".
Here are two examples of the projects I had the kiddos do:

Thursday as I mentioned in the beginning of this post,
was a gloriously snowy day.
It was loveliness EVERYWHERE!

I know a lot of people are tired of the cold,
but to be honest, I am not.
I'm tired of my little TJ Darlings being cooped-up inside
and I'm tired of being scared that I'm going to slip on ice,
but other than that...I love winter! :)

How has your week been?
H ave you read any good books lately
that I need to know about?
Are you a winter lover like I am
or are you breathlessly waiting for Spring?

I would love to hear your stories!

Thank you so much for visiting today!
I hope you come back soon!