Thursday, April 24, 2014

Friday Five-0 #9 {A Laughter-filled Resurrection Day}

Happy Friday, Everyone!
I hope you have had a great week
and that your Easter Celebrations last weekend 
were as memorable as mine :).

For me, three day weekends always make the next week seem never-ending,
this week is no exception!
I am SSSSOOOO glad it's Friday!
And with that in mind,
you know what it's time for?
That's right!

Last Friday evening, I was privileged to attend 
the final church service of Illinois Youth Convention (IYC) 2014.
IYC is a three day church convention (obviously geared toward young people) 
held annually in the Illinois State Capitol.
Since I am a poor person who has to work for a living,
I was unable to attend the entire convention,
but as I said, I was able to attend the final evening's service.
I'm going to be honest here:
ever since I turned 12 (the minimum age for IYC attendees),
I have had both despised and loved Youth Convention.
Well, the planners and organizers of IYC realize 
that young people are very social creatures
and therefore, they allow ample time 
during the three day schedule for social activities.
This is just fine and dandy,
except that when it comes to large groups,
However, I do enjoy the chance to take a little road trip
and worship in a service outside of my own church building.
Truly, there is something awesome 
about thousands of young people of like faith
joining together in worship under the same roof.

You can't convince me that's not an inspiring image!

Saturday, I had Easter Dinner with some dear friends and family of mine.
The food was absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS
and, of course, I ate WAY TOO MUCH!
After dinner, the adults hid Easter Eggs for the kiddos
and then the fun really began! 

I so adore these cuties! :)

Sunday, of course, was Easter Sunday.
It was a bright, beautiful, sunshine-y Resurrection Day.
In my mind, it was exactly like the day
Mary Magdalene discovered an empty tomb
and raced away to tell the disciples the news.
As per the custom, everyone at church was decked out in their finest clothes.
The children, particularly my precious little cousins,
were flat-out adorable! :)

My lovely Sister-Cousins and I, dressed in our Easter Finery,
had a fun little photo session of our own :).

After church, we had a HUGE, MARVELOUS Easter Dinner
followed by an Egg Hunt with the kiddos.

We finished up Resurrection Day by dyeing some Easter Eggs :).

What a fun-filled Easter it was! :)

Tuesday was Earth Day!
Ordinarily I would've had numerous Earth Day activities
planned for my little Lovelies,
but this year I somehow missed the memo 
about Earth Day being April 22nd
(I accept the Bad Teacher award for the week).
So instead of cool crafts and fun coloring sheets,
I shooed my kiddos outside and we spent Earth Day
basking in the glorious sunshine!

It was a simply GORGEOUS afternoon!

Wednesday, my darling Sister-Cousin, Madi,
came into the YMCA to finalize her new hire paperwork.
That's right!
My sweet Madi is coming to work with me!

I can honestly say,
this has given me a brighter perspective 
on the upcoming Summer Camp!

Also on Wednesday, I went back to an old "job" at church.
This is actually my second week doing it
(just didn't get a chance to tell you all last week).
I'm teaching Junior Church again :).
A few years ago, I taught the 8-11 year old class
and absolutely LOVED it!
However, schedules collided and I had to quit.
But now, I'm back! :)
And I'm very excited about it!

How was your Easter Weekend?
 How did you celebrate His Resurrection?
Did you do anything special for Earth Day?
Have you ever gone back to an old "job"?
Why did you leave it in the first place?
Was it kind of weird going back?

I know I've asked a lot of questions this week,
but, honestly, I think this post brought up a lot of good issues to discuss :).

Thank you so much for visiting!
Please come back soon!

Have a great weekend!