Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm in Love with Dabby Paints! {Springtime Crafts with the Kiddos}

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

I'm here today to share some fun Springtime Crafts with you!

First of all, all my Instagram followers may remember
a while back I posted this photo:

 Just in case you can't tell,
this is a blue canvas with old book pages cut into raindrops.
I had previously seen this photo/pin on Pinterest
(I was looking for a an actual site and/or person to give credit to,
but was unable to).
This was my inspiration for this project.

This project took quite a bit of time
as I wanted to do it "right".
My lovely, artistic assistant at TJ, Nicole,
did the painting on the canvas.
Then I, with LOTS of help from the kiddos,
cut out clouds and raindrops from old book pages.
Using duct tape and white thread,
I attached the raindrops to the clouds
and then mod podged them onto the canvas.

 Finally, I cut letters out of the book pages
and mod podged them to the center of the canvas.
I've gotta admit:
I'm kind of in love with it.
What do you think?

 In addition to this project,
the kids and I have been busy with other springtime crafts as well.
Again, my Instagram followers will remember
that I recently posted this photo
expressing my love for Dabby Kids Paint Markers!

Not only do I adore them
(because they work GREAT and are SUPER EASY to clean up!),
but the kids love them too!
They ask me EVERY DAY if they can paint with them!

Currently we've been using them to make these:

Honestly, I'm not quite sure what to call them...
One of the kiddo's dads asked me what we were making
and this is the answer I gave him:
"Coffee Filter flowers, fireworks, rainbow bursts, or whatever you want to call them."
I may be unsure of their names, but I love these masterpieces of art!
They are vibrant and SCREAM "Springtime!" :)
I have been instructing the children to fold the coffee filter into fourths
(half and then half again).
Then I told them to paint whatever design they desired on BOTH SIDES
(this seems to be the key to making sure the paint has
bled all the way through the coffee filter).

I have no idea how my little lovely managed to make an owl,
but she did...and I LOVE HIM!

WWWWHHHHOOOO is ready for Spring? :)

The final project I'm going to be sharing with you is:
Popsicle Stick Houses.
I first made this project with my Concordia Kids last school year,
and loved it so much I wanted to do it again with my TJ kiddos.
I simply cut a rough house shape out of black construction paper for each child
and instructed them to glue it to a full piece of blue construction paper.
Then I had them decorate 15 popsicle sticks with markers
and then break them (if necessary) and glue them to the black house outline.
As a final decoration,
I had them cut strips and shapes (mostly hearts)
out of scrap pieces of construction paper
and add them to their houses.
Again, I LOVE these!
What do you think?

Here is our completed bulletin board.
Doesn't it just brighten your day?

What Springy projects have you been doing with your kids?
Have you found any magical art utensils that you'd like to share?

You know I've love to hear all about it!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Please visit again soon!