Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five-O #6 {Spring Break 2014}

Hey Everyone!
Welcome back!
I hope this finds you all doing well.

It's Friday! So that means its time for:

This week has been CRAZY busy!
Which is the usual for my life,
but I gotta say,
Bring on a relaxing weekend, PLEASE!!!!

Saturday, I was privileged to take family photos of my dear cousins.
It was a great Spring day for a shoot
and we all had lots of fun!
I will be sharing more of that shoot at a later time,
but here is a snapshot.

It was a lovely day to take photos of three lovely ladies! :)

Sunday, my friend, Jessica and I tried a new recipe
(actually we made it Saturday evening as it had to sit in the refrigerator overnight,
but we enjoyed it Sunday morning before church :).
Let me introduce you to:
Frugal French Toast Bake

I Know...AMAZING, right?!?!?!?!

Concerning my work week,
my routine has been ALL OUT OF WHACK!
I'm a very routine oriented kind of person,
so that makes for a tough week for me.
The reason for the upset in my routine is SPRING BREAK.

That's right, my kiddos have been out of school all week long
which means we have been running a School's Out Camp at the YMCA.
Being that I am a full-time employee,
this basically means that I have been with the children
for eight hours a day, every day this week
(yeah, I'm about to pull my hair out...
technically I was about to pull my hair out Monday afternoon...
And actually, I was given a reprieve to do office work on Wednesday morning
and, boy, did I appreciate it!)
But I did my best to shake off the dread and despair I was feeling
and actually the weather on Monday was GORGEOUS
and helped shake me out of my blues.
It was Windy but Warm
and the kids were able to spend nearly 45 minutes at the playground.

Check out those cuties!
Aren't they precious? :)

Tuesday was a flat out CRAZY day!
At work I felt like I was constantly running
trying to keep up with the children --
who were having some issues with their listening ears --
yes, it was a very sad day for us.
Towards the end of the work day,
I got a frantic call and several texts from my darling cousin, McKenzie.
(Side note: McKenzie has latched onto my love of photography
and is constantly following me around
begging for a chance to get behind the lens.)
She had entered a photography contest
and had been informed yesterday afternoon (April 1st)
that the deadline for the photo to be taken was today (April 2nd).
Like I said, I received a FRANTIC call and SEVERAL texts from her.
She basically begged and pleaded with me for several minutes
to take her out shooting that evening after I got off work.
Of course, I really couldn't say "No"
as I had already promised to help her with her contest entry.
So, 5:30pm last evening found me literally jogging to my car in the Y parking lot
and speeding to her house -- where I found her asleep in bed of all things! (REALLY?!?!?!?!) --
to pick her up for this photo shoot that had to be done
before the next day and, of course, before it got dark that evening!
(Yes, I was really a bit stressed about the whole thing
AND SHE WAS SLEEPING?!?!?!?! WHAT!?!?!?!?)
Anyway, we actually accomplished our mission in rather short time
and had quite a bit of fun doing so :).
(I'm going to let her share her contest entry photo)
Being the pathological picturetaker that I am,
I, of course, photographed her taking photographs :).

Yep, she's gets down and dirty just like I do when I shoot :).

She's a woman after my own heart <3<3<3<3.

Wednesday and Thursday it rained on and off pretty much all day.
Wednesday evening the thunderstorms were so severe that I thought
the roof of the house was being ripped off from right over my head as I tried to sleep.
All this rain naturally upset my plans to take the kiddos for a day at the park
and effectively turned said park into a swampland.

See? I wasn't exaggerating.
One positive thing about the rain though
is that it's turning the grass nice and green :).

How was your week?
Did you have severe thunderstorms in your area?
Were your kids out on Spring Break?
I'd love to hear your stories!

Thanks for stopping by!
Please visit again next week for another