Sunday, May 11, 2014

Come On, Baby, Light My FIRE!!!! {52 Photos Project Week One: Fire}

Good Evening, Everyone!
I hope this all finds you enjoying your Sunday evening.
I also hope that your weekend has been as AWESOME as mine! :)

A few weeks ago, my friend, Jessica, 
had the bright idea to build her own fire pit in the backyard.
(It only took like four trips to Lowe's for bricks
and lava rock to accomplish this...
I was still at work at the time,
so she had to do the whole thing by herself...poor girl.)

In spite of all the hard physical labor, she did great getting the job done
and is now the proud owner of this fire pit:

As I have proudly stated on my blog,
I am a proud participant of the 52 Photos Project.
This photography challenge is managed by the lovely Bella
(you can check out the full project here).
Bella shows off her creative side in her choice of weekly photo prompts.
This week started the fourth year of the challenge
(although it is only the second year that I have participated).
This week's challenge was:

How fitting, right?
Jess and I took this as a sign
that it was time to break in the new fire pit!
A lot of people think that bonfires are kind of an autumn tradition,
well to them we say,
"Fire fun can be had ANYTIME of the year!"
Friends were promptly invited,
hot dogs and the makings for s'mores were swiftly purchased,
and we had ourselves a GREAT Friday night around the bonfire! :)


Check out those curling flames!

You know I HAD to throw a photo of my All Stars in there! :)
That's right, girl! You kick back and put them feet up! You worked hard to have this moment!

Yes, I do light my marshmallows on fire and let them get black as ebony before I eat them! SCRUMPTIOUS!
Friends having fun around the fire!
Burn, Baby, Burn!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.
City laws declared that the fire be put out by 10pm
(party poopers...).

In spite of the early finish to the night,
a WONDERFUL time was had by all 
and we can't wait until our next bonfire!

Do you have your own fire pit?
Do you use it all year round or just certain times of the year?
Do you have any secret bonfire recipes to share?

I would love to hear your stories!

Thank you so much for visiting!
Please come back soon!